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  1. Just a note on an issue I ran into in upgrading my NVIDIA drivers and OFF. I'm running Windows7 (64bit) and was not using nHancer (have in the past though) but wanted to try it again. After upgrading the drivers and adding in nHancer and doing a reboot . . just in case . .and using the OFF config util . . . OFF would not fly! It seemed to run, but in both campaigns and quickmissions when it gets to the portions with the pictures (rictofen,maddock (I think), and one other) which is just before you are on the field it would bounce me back to the main campaing or quickflight screen. I solved it by doing the OFF RESET which is in the WORKSHOPS menu. The downside of this is you will loose all your current campaign/pilot data :( But OFF with my system OFF then at seemed to work correctly. Off Topic : for those that are thinking of overclocking . . make sure you have plenty of cooling going on in your system! And run some sort of heat monitoring software (Everst for example). Overclocked RAM . . if you go beyond what it can handle will corrupt your data which can possibly lead to having to rebuild your whole system . . and loosing ALL your data (my documents, my music, my photos . . etc.). Use Memtest (its free) to check your new memory settings! Going too far with video will give you visual artifacts first . . . before the chip fries. Just be VERY cautious! You may have to open your case and place an exteriour fan close to it blowing in to add the extra needed cooling. Hell! I dont overclock and have to do that with my two 8800GTXs in SLI . . . especially in the summer. Just food for thought. Back on topic. Sorry for the tangent but I saw several folks talking about this and felt a warning should be said.
  2. Thanks for the replys! Olham - OK . . energy energy energy . . My previous situation was low to the ground, overwhelmed, and unable to get speed up. Will have to try again. I noticed that right turns seemed difficult. Bullethead - I am comfortable in both Dr.1 and Camel. This one has me stumped currently. Though that was my first flight in the bird. Time to get back in the air . . .
  3. OK . . I've been looking forward to trying this bird for a long time. I did want to pick a squad and "work" into it though. Taking Jasta8,11, or 36 in the beginning of 1918. The game seemed against me as my pilots kept . . expiring <grin>. I'm using the LOW setting for the Aircraft Activity which seems to keep the HORDS of enemy planes under control. But in either case I finally made it. But my gosh . . . is this plane a dog? My first mission was a Airfield Defense and it was Spad13s that were hitting us. I think I was the last EV to get shot down . . but we lost everyone!!!! I kept stalling in the turns. Left and right . . it did not matter. Its worse than the PfaltzIII. OK, rant off. Anyone have tips for this flying coffin?? I would have imagined it would have had better manouverability. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Sound Solution

    The USB headsets can be great! But remember . . . you get what you pay for. I have been using a set of Plantronic DSP-500s for years now. They still work great but the foam is wearing out so I am starting to look around for replacements. I actually use them with my buitin sound which I think is Sigmatel (at work so I cant doublecheck . . its an addon card for an ASUS MB). But I run the game audio through the MB and send all the Teamspeak to the headset. Works great. My recommendation regarding the headsets is to spend the extra and get a good pair with good bass response. That way if you do use only the headset the low-end sounds (ie gunfire/explosions) will "feel" good. If you use a TrackIR clip you will want to pay attention to the band of the headset. I have a friend that has a newer headset (Plantronic Gamecom 777 http://www.plantronics.com/north_america/en_US/products/computer/gaming-headsets/gamecom-777 ) and the thickness of the band was stretching the plastic of his clip. Not a good thing! His current solution is to only attach it when he is going to use it.
  5. Excellent! I knew I could count on the OFF community for suggestions Viewing the files in "skin" format is not problem. I've edited a few skins in my day to be able to deal with this <grin>. My issue was figuring an easy viewing method to see what was done to each one. I'm at work now . . but will check these methods out tonight when I get home. Excellent tips! Thanks again!
  6. There are now so many ACE skins . . any suggestions on a good way to preview them?? I dont suppose anyone has put together a PDF/DOC with screenies of them they wish to share <grin>. Right now I use the Quick Combat/Freeflight and select a skin. But that is a painfully slow method. There HAS to be a better way. Or some program that can view them externally (easily).
  7. Sound Solution

    Does the TrackIR clip fit onto those? I've seen the clip have trouble on some headsets..
  8. A combined attack has worked for me. IF . . you can keep your squad together and not race too far ahead of them attack together. Additionally try to get altitude on the enemy and be diving on your target (speed if your friend). So the combination of your speed, and the number of attackers causing the enemy gunners to spread their fire around can protect you. The biggest mistake I have made is trying to do this and getting ahead of my flight (oooppss). Basically rushing into it. So when I do my high speed pass, I am the only aircraft and everyone can shoot at me. No matter what . . you will take damage. The question is how much. The best thing is to damage one or two of the enemy and get them to break our of formation. Then finish them off (with your squad)!
  9. Hahaha . . . I understand completly That's a syndrome many of us "simmers" have. Whether we fly, drive, or sail. The only issue I have had with mine is I usually have to "reset" by unplugging/re-plugging the USB connection after each boot. I have the software dialed in pretty good though. You do have to play with the software settings a bit to find what works in your game room. Good luck with with what ever decision you make!
  10. I'm happy with how my TIR-3 and the current SW work. It seems to be fine in OFF with the addon. Is there a big improvement with upgrading (ie worth the price?).
  11. HitR and N-17

    Flight Issue found/verified. For me at least . . it was the WIND that was causing "oddness" to the flight behavior (THANK YOU Sitting Duck for suggesting looking at this). I also found that I had Force Feedback enabled. Dont use it . . so off it went too. But verified that the WIND was my culprit. I like the idea of wind . . but if the modeling is problematic . . then I have an issue. So far it seems to always be coming from one direction (at least in this N-17 bird). Are folks here flying with it ON, Or OFF (Praise to the Developers to give us the flexibility to adjust things as we see fit!). I'm curious as to what the community is doing. Just did a quick search and didnt find too much (using WIND as the basis).
  12. HitR and N-17

    Duck - Sorry to hear about your system. I'll try turning off the wind and see if there is a change. Good idea! My system is not exactly a slouch (3.0Ghz Core2 with 4G RAM and 8800GTX SLI) but I'll try testing this. Uncleal - Hmmm, not sure how to take yer response. I use a Multi controller for Trim. I suppose I was not too clear that I only used Auto-Trim as a test. It actually causes more problems than it solves. Olham - Thanks for replying. So seeing some differences can occur. I was not sure if this was what was supposed to occur. When I have worked with databases and there are differences, I would normally try to match things (grin). But if its intentional, that is completly different! Just a note for the Team though. When I build a pilot, I sometimes use that list for searching for a particular aircraft series that I wish to try flying. Personal preference there. I hope everyone is having a safe Holiday! Be well!
  13. I just got the HitR the other day and am just getting into it. GREAT WORK BTW!!! I do have a question about the N-17. I am getting this odd "jerk" to the left when flying. At first I thought it was due to bad weather . . but I finally got a mission with decent weather and it was still there. I have flipped the auto-trim ON and that does nothing for it (I usually leave that off . . I use CH products and have the Multi Controller that I use for TRIM controls). Other planes do not have this. Its like a loss of lift on the left side, but then the wing rises. And then it repeats itself. Makes flying level difficult. Not a real issue when manouvering. Just wondering if I'm the only one seeing this? And is this normal? I understand the N-17 was a "light" aircraft . . . . . Also . . not sure who this should go to. I saw the plane list for Jasta1 in the late war seems to be wrong. After the E-V the list shows them getting D-VIIs . . but if you advance the date manually you go back to one of the D-Vs (forget which one now). FYI.
  14. Fokker DII and DIII

    Great Picutres! I'll add my 2¢ too . . . I love the earlier war. Make another addon. Just discovered the HitR was released and got it yesterday. Very Nice work. Please do more!
  15. Check my last posting. Press to talk is OK. The main issue was administration rights (allowing them).

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