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Unable to load bombs in SCW mod

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I loaded the SCW mod over WoV and it worked great except I can not load bombs on any aircraft. There are no bombs showing in the stores in both single mission and campaign. The Weapons File folder was loaded into the objects folder as per instructions. What do I need to do to activate the bombs?

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Guest rscsjsuso5

what aircraft is it and if so contact the creator as the creator might be helpful to help you out in an hourly/instant basis.

enjoy your stay, you a new member so welcome


also you might need to run it through weapon editor for wov sfp1 and the rest that don't have a weapons pack respectivly but if u have woi/woe no prob. woi is for mf weapon pack and nato fighter is for woe. u will need to to patch your install . first install game then patch then blutiger and wepon pack and if needed weapons edit and then lauch the game make sure your aircraft in type of weapon in data has bomb in the data area and search the weapondata ini to make sure your loadout weapon name match with the ini and that doesn't help you search the kb .


and again enjoy your stay wish i could be at your side to help you , u might want to try to ask user name dave or wrench they have helped me alot and are very useful and are the admin/staff of this great site called combat ace . :drinks::salute:

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You'd probably be better off asking this question over at the Dev A-Team's site, as the Spanish Civil War Mod is their's.


IIRC, it's designed for SFP1 Only, and probably for the 06 Patch level, only. (EDIT: Yup, checking mine, the WoE.exe is dated 8/30/2006. that answers that. Interesting to note, the terrain itself uses WoE's GermanyCE naming conventions on the tiles)


From their ReadMeFirst.txt:


1. Make a separate clean install of Strike Fighters, patched to the current latest patch (currently the v08.30.06 version).


although, in the first paragraph, is does state:


It is designed for Strike Fighters, but should work with Wings over Vietnam or Wings over Europe.


What I'd do, unless you REALLY know how to edit FMs for 08 Patch level games, are completly comfortable with the weapons editor and etc, is delete the install COMPLETELY. Re-create it, Patch ONLY to the 8/30/06 Level , try readjusting the Spain terrain cat pointer line (see our Knowledge Base on "How To"), to use "GermanyCE.cat" and try again.


I'd most DEFINATELY NOT use WoV as the base install, as it dosen't support some of the mission types. Use SFP1 or WoE.



kevin stein

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