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James Fox

A-4K SF2 Skins for SF1

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A-4K SF2 Skins for SF1



Early Xmass Presents OK.


Four RNZAF A-4K SCOOTER Skins for SF1. I have retreoed some of my SF2 skins to work on TK's A-4F SF1 model.


Just Copy or paste the files folders into TK's stock A-4F folder.


Please watch which folders you add to, put them in the wrong folders and the Decals will not show. OK


Feel free to mode as you wish but these skins must remain freeware please.


I will later this year or early next, retro all my other SF2 A-4G/K skins to also work in SF1.


I would like thank TK and Thirdwire for these wonderul flight Sims.



And CombatAce for their great Web Site and forums.


James Fox.


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Thanks for these, incentive for me to finish NZ terrain :good:






I will convert the A-g/k SF2 skins shortly as well. Plus there is a RNZAF strikemaster over at The A-Teams site as well, plus I am tinkering with the idea of making a Macchi skin as well for the aleady released Macchi, though the RNZAF version differs slightly. Has a hud in the cockpit plus different wing tip tanks.


James Fox

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