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''The Great Dover Gotha Raid''

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This has been in the works for a while as i had issues with the spawn files but they are a OK now...

download the files to your desktop...put the folders missions and spawns into your main game folder and answer ''yes to all '' when prompted...

if you wish to play the mission in single play you dont get the option of what aircraft you fly....

play in multi play even if you only play as a single player....you then get the option of flying from either side and can fly all flyable planes in the mission.....

a little feedback please as i have no idea if these are working ok for you or not....

if you survive this flight as a German pilot my hat is off to you....very difficult but also very rewarding....either escort the gothas or fly the gothas...the zepps are just in there for atmosphere but flyable none the less.....


happy flying to all,



The Great Dover Gotha Raid.rar

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haveing just talked with Axe i will attempt to exsplain the mission a little more fully.....it was written from the German perspective and the Gothas are on a bomb run of the army base just in front of the airfield they are aproaching...you will notice a train off to the left and although it is not a mission goal someone in the group can take it out...enemy camels are takeing off from the airfield as you approach and have to be taken care of if the bomber boys are going to survive....the zepps are returning to France and are in the mission for no other reason than i love those big suckers...following the waypoints home and landing at the base is a major accomplishment and can only be achieved in a co-op enviroment flying for the centeral powers.. the German fighter must protect the bombers and fly all the way back across the channel to their base in France.....

flying the mission from the allied pespective can be very short and sweet as you only need shoot down the enemy planes and land in Dover....

no feedback as yet.......



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We flew the Dr1's last night and we thought we were escorting the Gothas INTO England not back to France. That explains why they turned tail and ran off as soon as the Se5's showed up! I was ready to have someone shot for cowardice!grin.gif


When we went after the Se5's they ignored us and focused on the Gothas. Then all of the sudden they turned on us and blew us out of the sky!yikes.gif


Thanks PD! I can get shot down in IL2 well enough! Take it easy on us in OFF!heat.gif

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