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Hello ..

I am a user of this Game ...

How would i change the ini Files for better Avionics like giving an F-16 an AESA radar or getty the jet stealth ?? and how could i do that without effecting the Cockpit ?? and how to Put more Places for Loadout and how to put Places for Missiles inside the Jet ?? and how do a skin in the best way .. are there tutorials for that and for Modding Aircraft ??


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welcome to CA :drinks: all your questions have been answered here and there.my advice ask directions to one specific question more likely to get one on one help and P.S. DON'T POST in the Knowledgebase moderators dont like it. Fly High, Fly fast


Kansas Coyote -D-

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i know ..

i tried the knowledge base ... nothing too serious .. how did you people understand how to mod Aircraft ....

i mean this forum must have it all right the "Creating aircraft/cockpits" forum .. But less it just talk about using static Air craft !!

so HELP !! at least answer my loadout Question >>

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My advice is that you also learn to use the search feature.


Stealth is determined by the BaseRCSModifier line, under the detect system header. It calculates the RCS based on the 3d model's apparent size. For example, a value of "1" directs the game engine to use the model's full signature, one of "0.5" to use one-half the model's signature, etc. The proper values for most (older) aircraft can be found by performing a web-search search using Google, or any other search engine of choice.


Modern avionics are not fully implemented in this series. The only features of an AESA system that one could implement, is global scanning and AESA-jamming.


Mounting weapons internally would require the construction of a new 3D model (as it is impossible to add these to an existing model). For that, you'll need a 3D modeling program. Most use 3dsMax, if only because it is impossible to export a model into the game without it. If you're still interested, I suggest that you read Mustang's tutorials on creating and exporting 3d models.

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