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Overall impressions so far.

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Got used to the wind noise, got used to the buffeting, both are excellent and immersive but the wind noise is a bit 'Siberian Steppes'. Don't really notice that much anymore, it's become a subliminal aid (which is good and as it should be).


The new terrain features are superb. The towns look much more realistic in the distance and there's a nicer overall look to all the terrain. I still think the trees are too big though (out of scale), by about 20%.


Much better sounds.


AI are fighting differently, much better in my opinion in that they no longer go straight for the deck. Don't seem to be much of a threat though, but maybe I'm just that good now. :grin:


General summary, the immersion level has been racked up a few notches, the entire experience is much improved. Worth every penny of £12 and more. :good::drinks:

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Agree totally!..was pleasantly surprised by the new sounds!..the MG on the twin Gun Tripe is rather spiffing! (especially when it cuts the throat of the Razor!)

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The Bordeauxred Baron: Deer Mr. Widowmaker!

Zee Triplane vill newer cut ze throat off ze "Flyink Razor" surely.

Firstly, it voss long time out of service, vhen ze E.V came along,

and secondly - ze "Razor" iss ze one to cutt ze throats, mein Herr!


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