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Now I can go "skin shopping"...

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One obviously cool feature in HitR is the ability to use a different AC paint job then your flight mates.


Now I have a reason to d/l and use some custom skins.

Mighty nice work from the community especially the prolific FRO79 - if I recall his name correctly.


Whatever happened to the idea, put forth by BulletHead I believe, to organize the skins section?


Be nice also if all the skins were just in one big .rar file!

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Before you go to download a "user changed skin" (I don't say "user made", cause the original

skin being used was made by OvS, Paarma, Makai or Sandbagger), you should browse through

the incredible amount of 4.000 skins given to you already.


Get "DXTBmp" (freeware - google for it) and browse through them. As long as you pick an ace

skin from another Jasta, you would be the only one to fly it in your campaign (unless you met

the ace, who's skin you fly). If you have a paint or photo program, you can add a logo or a letter

after your taste (convert the skin to a 24 bit bmp with DXTBmp, add your stuff, and reconvert it

into a dds file to place in the skin folder).

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