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I've installed on WOE the Korea campaign and works very well,with this mod I've also installed the "Red Falcon add on",but if I try to go on the briefing page I can't see it very well,because is installed on WOE and the text is all on the left side of the page and not on the right.How can resolve this problem?Someone can help me?Thanks!


Best regards,


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Guest rscsjsuso5

make sure its 1024x768 screen resolution , if u have small monitor then it will stay the size but if u have a big monitor then it will resize/streach out for u plus u need to find the breifing screen file/picture and then rezise it 1024x768.


enjoy sometimes that happens to me when i'm at loadout screen or loading screen. the breifing screen should be in your flight or menu folder search for it.

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"BUUUUZZZZZZ" Nope, sorry, wrong answer.


SF internal screen layouts are COMPLETLY different from WoE. You'd need the briefingscreen.ini from SF/SFG placed in the /Menu folder for it to work, as that really old campaign is made FOR only SF.

Of course, that'll COMPLETELY hose all the stock WoE briefing screens .... so, it's up to you



kevin stein

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