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Herr Prop-Wasche

News From the Great War

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News Mod Released

(AP) (Reuters) In celebration of the release of Hat In the Ring, HPW is pleased to announce the release of an updated, expanded, revised, and corrected set of news reports for the years 1915 to 1918. These reports are based upon the "stock" news reports that already come with BHaH. However, all of the reports have been substantially revised, with numerous spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors fixed. In addition to these substantial cosmetic changes, many reports have been updated with more facts and additional content. Finally, a number of "new" news reports have been added, each containing additional historical information about the daily events of WWI. The result is a more interesting, more informative, and more easily read set of news reports, IMHO.


Acknowledgments: I would first like to thank OBD, on whose original reports this mod is substantially based. Thanks also goes out to RAF_Louvert, who graciously allowed me to reproduce his "A Story for the Season" in the news reports for December of 1916. Also, thanks to Stiffy, for scanning and posting articles from "The War Illustrated," a few of which I also utilized in creating this mod. Finally, a big shout-out to Creaghorn, for giving me the inspiration to start working on this mod. Thanks guys!


Installation: Simply download the attached files below and copy into your OBDSoftware\CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields\campaigns\CampaignData\News folder. Be sure to back up the original News19**.txt files first!


IMPORTANT: These news reports are incompatible with Creaghorn's German language news report mod. If you install this mod, you will replace Creaghorn's news reports with mine and be no longer able to read his in the game. Be sure to rename his news report text files before installing my mod if you wish to use his in the future.








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Updated News Files Available!


I have just now finished revising and updating the news reports files for the years 1917 and 1918. A couple of minor mistakes were corrected, along with the addition of some new content. Files for the years 1915 and 1916 will be released next.

Installation: Simply download the two attached files below and copy them into your OBDSoftware\CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields\campaigns\CampaignData\News folder. Backup your existing News19**.txt files by renaming them to something like "stockNews191*.txt" and then delete the word "English" from the front of the filename you have just downloaded. If you wish to go back to the original files, simply add the word "English" back onto the downloaded filename and remove the word "stock" from the old filename. You can use Creaghorn's news mod for German campaigns and mine for non-German campaigns by following the same basic set of instructions.




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