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Questions moved from the sticky re Known issues

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''1)OFF HitR does demand more GPU memory - if you experience any graphics issues/freezes please reduce either your scenery slider one notch or goto workshops and if you can select a lower Ground Object Density... reduce by one....''


I found that the frame rate is killed by the shadows in game, take me from 60fps to below 40 when enabled...running a gtx 260 with 1.8gb onboard memory..are they being looked at to be optimised in future patches?

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No shadows aren't being looked into - they are a fundamental part of the CFS3 engine so we cannot easily alter them. Certainly won't be for P3.


Use the Graphics Config to turn them off if they are no good for you. Also try reducing AA or other settings as it will also be trying to apply AA on the shadows.



This is meant to be a clean information thread so would appreciate no more questions here- please use the main forum for questions. I'll have to remove the extra posts in here shortly as this is cluttering the thread up.

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