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  1. Since it can be done over the internet, although with problems, it can surely be done over a LAN connection. It would also eradicate all the lag issues OFF/CFS3 has online. OS difference is not an issue. I just don't remember the specifics of connecting OFF on line. It's been too long.
  2. Thanks for the link Olham! I see that Madmatt included some of the missions created long time ago by our squad leader PD. It seems this file corrects incompatibility issues for people joining sessions. The worst thing is lag and this has to go very deep into CFS3 code. We'll see...
  3. I really hope it will be Hellshade! That would be great! I do not hold my hopes too high though. The feature was there from the beginning and several times we tried to use it. The problem was that the way CFS3 works in multiplayer, It causes severe lag issues and you get phenomena like ghost planes and AI jerking around the air that make the situation unplayable. It would be great if these issues were addressed. We will certainly try MP in WOFF once it comes out.
  4. In our online squad we use it extensively because it works great online. We know its faults in terms of realism but we can create our coop scenarios and enjoy flying WWI planes together. Some of the newer maps and objects are quite good and the planes keep evolving. After all it is all a product of modders working for free on a more than 10 year old sim. Just a few days ago we were discussing how great it would be if we could use OFF. We tried it several times but could not overcome its CFS3 inherited online problems. Still looking forward to the release of WOFF for our personal offline use.
  5. Thanks Olham! Flaps are nice things that let you approach nose down and so you have a better view. It looks steep but it isn't. It is the attitude. WWI planes did not have those. You had to keep your nose up to reduce speed. The 172 needs less than a third of this runway to stop and even less to take off. If you see I exit the runway on the first of the three exits. Now I do have to apologize to elephant for hijacking his thread. For this I will say that I'll offer a free ride whenever any of you are in town, always depending on plane availability and weather.
  6. Thank you for this video Olham! The camo is the "Aggressor" camo worn by the opponent aircraft in "Top Gun". It was worn by the F-16Cs when they first came to this country and was adopted by the HAF for other planes as well, like the F-5As and the F-4Es. I think it works well over the sea, where most of these planes earn their living. I am going waaay off topic here but below is a much more peaceful video of a friend and me flying an old and battered Cessna 152 (SX-AMM) around the Athens bay. Shot by my friend and his Iphone. The plane did not have working headset jacks so we flew without them. Take off from Tatoi, over Athens, across the bay to Aigina, a touch 'n go at Megara and then back home to Tatoi: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.c...ed/zHY-k7A_5vw"?feature=player_embedded" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I do fly nicer and cleaner/newer Cessna 172s with GPS and all like the one below (G-IMAD) earlier flight with another friend). None of those available that day, plus the 152 is charged for less and is much niftier to handle. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.c...ed/BaYZ96a37go" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> PS, I can't embed these videos for some reason, just click the youtube links.
  7. That picture is brilliant Elephant, but it should be classified. You can see the whole base layout there. (Btw that is good info if I ever decide to make this one for FSX, thanks!) The F-4 is my favorite jet ever! Your friend was lucky to be flying it. My schoolmate who made it to the academy (I didn't ) was flying the Mirage 2000. After a lot of hectic years of interceptions over the Aegean, he is now flying the EMB-145 AEW. I consider myself lucky to after all these years of longing to fly I am able to fly Cessnas. I know the story about the Icon. It's great you got a chance to work on it. Do you ever go to Kefalonia now?
  8. Ha Ha, I know what you mean Olham, That is the Greek summer vacation stereotype, and it is true for most of the Aegean islands. It is appealing to a lot of people missing the sun. Not so much for me though. I like trees and their refreshing shadow in the summertime. Back on topic, I checked the Red's schedule and they will apparently leave the country now to go to France for their next show and then back to England. Until next time... Now, I need to start flying OFF a bit more again. It's been a while...
  9. Looks like a HAF pilot was taken for a ride and recorded these views. I bet he enjoyed it! Olham, the western and northern parts of Greece are quite green as they get a lot of rain during the whole year. I know that as every year in Ithaki I have to make a lot of repairs on the house due to damages from water and moisture, most of my vacation is spent doing that. The Andravida area where this base is located is a fertile farmland as obvious from the video.
  10. Wow, elephant, you live right next to the port right? I pass through this port every summer with the family to go to my wife's island, Ithaki, on vacation. I didn't know the Reds were here. Do you know if they have other shows scheduled? I'll go check their site maybe.
  11. For what it's worth, hertzie, FSX/Accel would actually run better in Win7/64bit because of the better memory management so I would recommend you to upgrade or install Win7/64 on your new PC. I wish to do so too just haven't had the chance to do it. Obviously OFF would also not have any issues with Win7 but the devs are best to answer that.
  12. New Flightsim?

    I bought it but got bored of it very quickly for the reasons FastCargo mentions. Too lonely and with lack of atmosphere. The graphics and the lighting effects are nice and the FPS are high. IMHO the FM is not good in all planes. This was developed from an RC simulator and the planes still feel a bit RC. Not all airports are detailed but the ones that are look stunning. Perhaps it could be developed in to something better as there are good things about it. I believe that the key to longetivity of a sim is the open architecture and MS got it right with the FS and CFS series but unfortunately not with the "Flight" fiasco.
  13. Thank you Olham! As I've said several times, I envy this man. If you fly FSX, I've made a freeware scenery for the Fantasy of Flight site, with the good cooperation of the FoF people. You can find it at Avsim and SOH libraries. Search for Fantasy of Flight. It is a good place to fly vintage planes in FSX and be believable. I hope one day to be able to visit this place for real.
  14. I checked your post. You have done some excellent work. I agree, you should at least get credit if they did use it. Reading the post of the painter, Lucas, at SOH: "Personally, I love the Austro-Hungarian paint schemes on their aircrafts. The one you mentioned is perhaps the most spectacular. I was lucky to find black-white picture of this pattern which was a source for mine. It is very hypnotical and I think that it takes it's origin from the art of that times. I had lots of fun creating this one. Note for the repainters: I will prepare and publish the paintkit. The plane uses single 4096x pix texture for the external model so plently of detail can be applied." Can't really be sure if it is your fabric unless you compare the textures. If the paintkit is made publicly available and includes this texture perhaps that would be possible.
  15. No, Lou, it's not mine unfortunately (I wish...). The plane is a work of more than a year of effort by a team of designers. They managed to market it through the A2A/Aircraft Factory label. Reading his post above, elephant was offered to test it during its making. I don't know if they did use your 'fabric' though. This you would have to investigate maybe.

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