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Destroyed Targets problem

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In the VietnamSEA terrain when airfield targets are destroyed they have a realistic destroyed effect like so.....


However in any other terrain I have (this one being Iraq) the destroyed targets simply turn into white marks on the ground like so......post-28493-12611980064776.jpg


I'm not sure why this happens as before all my terrains had the destryed LOD's like the VietnamSEA terrain has, it just started happening out of no where.


Is there a way to make/remake all terrains have realistic destoryed effects like in my VietnamSEA terrain?



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Caused by a lack of proper pointers in the types.ini


Sounds like a good project for you...


Here's what you do:


1)Open each and every terrain's _TYPES.INI, scroll through each and every entry, and compare them to the same 'object' entry from, say the stock Desert/Germany/Vietnam types inis, with particular attention being given to these sections:








it should be noted, ALL the terrain objects do NOT have damaged models, so you can ignore that line. However, with the exception of the CityBuilding 1,2,3,4 (and the additional ones seen in GermanyCE and VietnamSEA), there ARE destroyed lods. You can even assign destroyed lods to the aformentinoned CityBuildings that don't have a 'real' one; just pick something with the same "footprint" (destroyed warehouses for large buildings, barracks for smaller ones).

The destoyed effect, secondary effect and destroyed model are the major ones, with the secondary chance at 100 (that's what I do on all my terrain mods -makes for nice colums of burning stuff as you fly away)


Then you add the various and sundry effects, to 3rd party terrains as based on what you see in the stock one (one major flaw in the stock terrains IS the lack of a large 2ndary chance percentage -those should be upped as well)


It should also be noted, that the Iran/Iraq terrain is SEVERLY f***ed up; it's in the shop right now (along with 5 other terrains) for complete and utter rebuilding from the ground up :rofl: (pun intended) -being completly retiled, with all the cities, and yes rivers, and airfields and everything else being moved to their Real Life ™ positions.



kevin stein

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