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Veltro2k can you make one change to your Halifax?

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I've got the Flight and Damage model done. But it's missing the 6 wing bomb bays. Any chance you could add them? They were just big enough for a 500lb bomb each.


I got used to them with all the CFS3 versions I worked on.



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If you've already got the data completed (including the hardpoint data), instead of waiting for possible changes to the model(which, lets face it, at this time of year is a bit of a pipedream), you could just substitute an existing weapons rack as a hardpoint in the mean time. The weapons packs have triple ejector racks that, if used to carry a single weapon, would work nicely. I know the concept has been used on previously released models, such as the wing hardpoints of the Harbin H-5 mod of the Il-28 Beagle. The crux is knowing the co-ords of where you want the racks to go.

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NOTE to my brother Moderators/Admins and our Members:


I reopened this thread, and deleted all the comments. Please do NOT be offened that I did so.


Greg asked a legitimate question; lets try and answer it. Logically, concisely (sp?), and if need be, with "out of the box" workarounds.



Going along the lines of what SayWhat said, how about simply 'hiding' the bombs/bombbay INSIDE the aircraft wing structure?


If the general coordinates are known (oh, hell..we're going to make them up anyway!), I think it's theoritcaly possible to put them inside the wing, as a "fake" bomb bay --just another internal hardpoint without doors. We've all seen AI bombers laying their eggs with thier bays closed, so why not this???


Clarification: we've done this dozens of times with aircraft NOT having arrester hook or dive brakes or airbrakes; these components exist "virtually" as data ini entries only. (example: FJ-3M Fury has no hook, yet it lands on carriers; mods I've done to the SBD and A-36, adding dive brakes where nothing physical exists on the LOD itself)


So why would a bomb bay be any different? It could be set up pretty much the same as the existing one, just in a different location. The only thing I don't know is, how many, how heavy a weapon is used. Let's just assume a single 1000 pounder...something along these lines, perhaps: (note: the numbers are just there as placeholder to examplify




















of course, the SystemName= will have to be added to the Right/Left wing's statements, but that's a small matter.

same for any other bays, just with different 'locations'. Keeping them in the same Group allows for all the dropped at once.


It's worth experimentating with, at least!



kevin stein

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Hi Wrench/Say What?!


That’s the plan to just stick them in the wing. But, I’d really like to help Veltro2k make the update to the visual model. See if we help each other, the Fun quality if the WW2 side of SF will be improved. I’ve worked with many new Visual modelers and in the process they have evolved some amazing talents. And I’d like to help Veltro2k also. The CFS3 visual modeler is more than willing to share drawings to help out.


Below is the Halifax’s current damage boxes as released, and below that is what they look like with my update.


I still need to do the final tuning to the flight model. So far, in addition to the Halifax I’ve got to test Level Bombing:









I working on the Stirling right now. I then need to do a couple single engine bombers for AI tuning of Torpedo/Dive/Glide bombing techniques.



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