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Trying To Use Tt

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I'm trying to add use Traffic Tools and I cant find the folders in the game I need to edit. Ie; aircraft and flight plans, I found the airport BGL but after decompiling it I still cant read it. I read the read me and instrutions that were included but I'm still not having any luck.

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Am glad I read your post before I attempted to use Traffic Tools.


I still have not figured out how to use AFCAD, and I know Traffic Tools would confuse me even more!


Let me know if you get it figured out!



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I was going to revert to my ordie training, but my wife saw the hammer and BIG screwdriver. :P

I'm sure I'll get the answer and both of us will be able to have more fun with this thing.

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C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\TtoolsV2.02


Okay, this is where I have my ttools directory. First you need to decompile in order to get the 3 txt files.


What I would highly recommend is created 3 new txt files.

It will give you another traffic BGL but that's fine.






you shouldn't be decompiling the airport.bgl but the traffic.bgl


remember, AFCAD only adds parking spots while TTools creates the flight plans. Not enough parking spots and the traffic won't show.


You could download one of my files just to use as a reference. They're at AVSIM under Dave O'Brien


my email is on all the readme's, I could also help you via email once you get this first step restarted ;)

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