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Hi Guys,

I need guidance to get my MB.exe going. I need it to check drome and town locations for accuracy, but when I try to fire up MB, I get a message about needing jpeg.dll. I know I have it, and search confirms it's there, but MB doesn't like it.

Hope you can help,


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there is a funny thing about mb....you can run it from the shortcut the game puts in during the install (start>programs>over flanders fields>mission builder


and,,if you make a shortcut to the desktop from that shortcut, it will work.....but,,if you make your own shortcut (ie..click on mb.exe in explorer. and make a shortcut on the desktop), or even click on the mp.exe in explorer,,,you get that error...


but,,if that doesnt fix the problem,,here is a link to mine.... http://bhah.homeip.net:192/inbox/jpeg.dll


it goes into the root of the over flanders fields folder


cool...you gonna do some missions??


another quirk about mission building,,,(although pd will disagree with me about this...),,,you can not assign a goal directly to a facility you place in the mission. if you do,,the mission will crash when you try and run it..


see this post....http://forum.combatace.com/topic/46859-please-tell-me-it-wasnt-this-easy/


and one more thing,,,the mission will show up in your folder based on what you put in the "title" box...(in briefing and start goals section) not as what you save the mission as...

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Thanks Duck,

But I really am a luddite when it comes to things puter - that's why the team keeps me locked in the library lol. I installed your jpeg.dll in E:\OBDSoftware, tried to open the mb.exe in the mb folder, and got the old "failed to start because jpeg.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." message. Do I need to reinstall mb.exe somehow, or do I have to do a reinstall of CFS3 & OFF?

If I do build some missions, that will be a long long way down the road. I need MB running because we are trying to fix some of the aerodrome locations, as well as add historical towns and landmarks.



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lol..ok...one more shot,,then im gonna sick uncleal on you ...(as in...did you read my post???)


you CAN NOT click on the mb.exe in explorer,,,it wont work...


you CAN NOT right click on the mb.exe in explorer,,and use send to desktop,,create shortcut...


you CAN use the shortcut that was put into the game when you installed it,,,in xp its start>all programs>over flanders fields>mission builder...(not sure how that works in vista) it will work..


you CAN make a short cut of the ABOVE shortcut,,and send it to the desktop,,and it will work...


so,,,right now,,the ONLY way you have to get into MB, is to use the start>programs thing,,,,,,(pic one)


you can make a shorcut of the shortcut....(pic2)





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SD: Thanks for helping Shred.. and you have some interesting things listed there! :grin:

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