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Help with installing mods

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I will not panic.... I will not panic.... I will not panic ..... aaaaaaarghhhh!!!! I bought , downloaded and installed FE2 after offloading Fe1. I was really impressed with the bump mapping and the ease of installation until I went to instal some planes and mods. I created an Aircraft subdirectory directory under Objects and put 5 or 6 of my favourites in it, and a Missions folder too. I also copied my alternative menu screens into the Menu directory. Absolutely nothing works. The game just fires up and carries on as though I have not modded anything. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong please. Maybe I need to fiddle about with a cat extractor or something.

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Me thinks I might have solved the problem. I didnt realise I had 3 directories created when I installed FE2. One under C:\Program Files\Thirdwire etc etc. Another under C:\MyDocuments and yet another directory tree under C:\My Documents and settings. Needless to say I was copying the mods into the wrong one!dntknw.gif

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You done broke the code!! :good:

Any modified(Mods)files go in the Documents and Settings/Thirdwire/FirstEagles2 folders.

If the folder you need is not there(Effects,Sounds or Whatever),just add it.

You should not need to add anything down in C:/Program Files/Thirdwire/FirstEagles2. I call these the 'Core Files'.

The new game 'engine' looks in Docs and Settings/Thirdwire folders first,then whatever else it needs to run it gets from 'core files'.

PS: JanTuma has terrific new terrains in the FirstEagles2 D/L section and Peter01 has reworked most all aircraft flight models in the Flight Models section.

If you use Peter01's FM's be prepared to get 'hosed' at first.

They work really well. The enemy aircraft turn out to be real "Fokkers" if you get my meaning.

ENJOY!!! :clapping:

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