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I'm new to SF2 but been playing SF1 for a little while. I got all 4 games and have been adding mods and had a question about file structure that I cant seem to find an answer to. In the add-ons folder in "My Documents" there are some files that seem to be able to be used no matter what file they are in and some that cannot. Aircraft seem to have to be in the individual game's folder for them to work in the different games (ie a plane in SF2V folder doesnt show up in SF2E) but terrain and missions will show up no matter what folder they are in (ie I can select Desert map or Vietnam in SF2E). What files have to be in a specific game folder to have the plane work (ie do files in the Effects, Flight, Sounds, Decals, Pilots, Weapons ect have to be copied to all folders). Thanks for your time and thank you to all the modders for adding so much content to this wonderful game!

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Stock terrains are "special", since you don't need a directory for them to show up, the engine reads the CAT files in the program directory, for all 3rd party terrains, the "local" behaviour still applies.

In fact, you can deactivate stock terrains by creating a directory with the right name and an empty [TerrainNAME].ini.


P.S. : And that apparently won't stop the engine to read the ressources of the deactivated terrains to be read if they are called by a 3rd party terrain.

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Each 'Mods' folder in Docs and Settings is just like a separate game.

If you want add-on Effects,Sounds, etc in each game they have to be added,otherwise the game uses the defaults.

The aircraft can more or less be controlled by the new UserList.

I am running merged install of SF2V and SF2E. I have 5 different 'Mods' folders in Docs and Settings. One is Vietnam one is Europe. The other 3 are WW2.

The game engine reads the 'Mods' folders first. Whatever else it needs it gets from C:/Program Files/ThirdWire/StrikeFighters2 Europe. I call these the 'Core Files'.

The new format is different from before,but once you get used to it,the games become so much more 'modifiable'.

You save a lot of disk space by only having one 'core' install.

TK and his crew made the game so much more User Friendly.

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