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Inagural post, and SFPj1 plane idea

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Hello all, I really haven't been around here because there is no Il-2 stuff, but I just bought strike fighters today and decided to get in on some forum action. Also I was wondering, will anyone be making this planef-106-pre.jpg ? it would be a great addition, in fuse missle bay with 4 AIM-4 Falcons! Anyway, just a thought and if you want to, drop by the Il-2 Pilots Lounge forum and say hi, I'm usualy there. (edit) Also Would anyone know to eject? and will drouge chutes work w/ the patch?

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Welcome to the Project-1 fold! :lol: I see you are from Olathe, used to know a girl there by the name of Julie Nelson.... Ahh, the younger days... :lol:


As for the plane, the F-106 Delta Dart has been discussed as a project but I'm not sure if anyone is currently working on one. It's pretty much a given it will be done before too long, this was a popular plane.


I found it. Lud Von Pipper is working on it now, here the thread at SimHQ:




It's looking pretty good, especially the missle bays.



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