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Harrier VTOL start from aircraft carrier

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can anybody tell me haw to start vertical from aircraft carrier with Harrier. Any time whan I try to do this Harrier don't lift up. I can only use short take off start.

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Making 'zero energy' catapults is very easy...that's not the problem.


The 'problem' is that the Harrier in real life does not have the power to take off vertically with a full combat load, that's why it does rolling short takeoffs and vertical landings.


Here's a thread with more info, including some number crunching and some info from a guy who used to work on them:





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Thanks to all.

I have just changed the cat data in data.ini for aircraft carrier and Harrier can vertical take of.

My HMS Invincible date.ini looks like














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an idea for the "skijump"


is there a way to have Multiple "[flightdeck]" on a ship, in cfs2 you could add Multiple flightdeck's to give the effect of the skijump maybe I will try to explain this way




............... second and third and maybe forth [flightdeck]

_ -

main [flightdeck] in data.ini -------------------------------------------------------------------------



I'm not sure in the strike fighters if you aircraft would "crash" or "bounce up" I.E. "jump up" into flight? like it happens in cfs2

I don't know how to work the numbers in the INI to try this but thought maybe one of you guys could?

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