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Skin issues in SF2:E

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Hey folks maybe this was covered in the SF2 KB, but I couldn't find it there. I'm running the June '09 version of SF2E.


I copied the A-10A_78 folder, pasted it, and then renamed it A-10C. I then renamed the main .ini file inside to A-10C.ini and changed the display name to A-10C. I also customized the data.ini and loadout.ini files.


When I go in game, I can select the aircraft, load it out per my changes, and fly it. However, no skins are showing (the whole plane is white/grey). I extracted the skin folders from the .cat file and placed them in there, but I still got the same issues.


Is there something I'm missing? (obviously there is... that was a dumb question) How about... what am I missing?

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extract the relevant skin bmps and tgas


create NEW skin subfolder for you A-10C (name however you like)


Edit textureset.ini to match squadron, names or whathaveyou


drop skin bmps/tgas into NEW skin folder


copy/paste decals ini from original skin into new skin folder. Rename/edit pathways to match new aircraft folder name.


open main ini (A-10C.ini), remove ALL callouts for any skins.


save, close, test in-game. Skin should now appear


had to go through this when I created a PLAFF IL-28. For some reason (iirc, TOS did the same) you MUST have the relevant skin bits IN the aircraft folder, as it now looking for a new aircraft that the GameEngine ™ wasn't designed for, even when using stock aircraft LODs

Odd, however, that cockpit and avionics will work just fine, but as they'll be caling 'stock items' from the cats...



kevin stein

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