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Cockpit Detailing for MF MiG-29

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Cockpit Detailing for MF MiG-29

Mirage Factory MiG-29 Cockpit Detailing


This mod will bring the MF MiG-29 a better look in the cockpit. The package includes reprocessed texture for all instruments, radar screen and wall.




1. In case you may regret, back up your cockpit folder and avionics.ini in your MiG-29 directory

2. Drop the cockpit folder to your MiG-29 directory, cover the files and folders as asked.

3. The wall texture in the cockpit directory is 4x enlarged with bump texture and color tweak (which require unlimited setting in the cockpit texture setting to enjoy), if you are unhappy with the performance or look, replace with the file included in the "optional wall texture", that will give you flat walls closer to the real-world one although not as eye-candy.

4. You might find the radar looks too bright and also want to replace with the radar texture in the "optional radar" folder, by dropping all 3 files and 1 folder to your cockpit folder. And then change the color of your radar character in your xxxx_avionics.ini


find below section




Change the line

Color= xxxxxx




then save and exit





original mig-29 pit by The Mirage Factory

texture reprocess by orsin


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I saw somewhere that someone wanted comparison shots. Here they are:


The original cockpit:



The cockpit after Orsin's mod:


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