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New to SF2E and needs help O.o

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Thought I'd help thirdwire along by buying the SF2E (aka WoE2) download from their site; its good and runs far smoother for me ^^ but I'm totally new to it and havent a clue how to install ad ons such as Nato fighters and add-on aircraft. The new install has a different file system I understand, but how to install add ons and mods lik NF4? Please could someone help me?

I know, its a green question alright; but ya learn by asking questions...


Thanks ^^;

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The mods go there : [C:\users\][user_name]\saved games\Thirdwire\StrikeFighters2 Europe


Download all the parts for NATO Fighters 4+, and copy the content there (you might want to read the readmes though, and be aware that there is still some adaptation bugs, especially when it comes to effects).


The same goes for other mods, it's the only place you have to touch, you might have specific problems when trying to use SF1 mods, but most are relatively easy to solve.

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