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New Albatros Skins uploaded

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Have just uploaded 5 new Albatros skins. These are:


- D.III (early) Jasta 26


- D.V (later) Jasta 5

- D.Va Jasta 4

- D Va Jasta 18


The D.III skins can be made into all variants; so if Jasta 26 flew the D.III early, and

later the D.III OAW, you can make a copy of the skin, and change the file name by

replacing the early by OAW. If you want a D.III, you can erase the _early or _OAW.



off_Alb_DIII_early_t_Jasta 26 1917 Olham.dds


off_Alb_DIII_t_Jasta 26 1917 Olham.dds


off_Alb_DIII_OAW_t_Jasta 26 1917 Olham.dds


This makes sense, when a Jasta used different Albatros versions, and you want to keep

the paint sheme of your skin on all of them.


While the OBD skinners have decided to create more weathered skins for aircraft

after weeks of field service, I always found it nice, also to have skins of brandnew

delivered fighters, or freshly painted ones.

I hope you will find them a good addition rather than a competition, and I want to thank

especially James "OvS" Romano and Paarma for their countless Albatros skin works.

Without your work, I would have been lost.

Edited by Olham

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The Jasta 18 & 26 are particularly good skins Olham...really nice work there sir! :drinks:





Thank you for uploading them

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