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Luftwaffe F-86K, information needed

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Well, I'm between homes at the moment and lacking all references book, and I can't seem to find the proper ressources online.


Does anyone know how the plane numbering worked for Sabre squadrons in the Luftwaffe, in the early 60's ?


I know how the letters work, JA for JG71, JB for JG72 etc... for the Sabre Dog that means JE before 61 when they were assigned to JG75 and JD until 64 when JG75 became JG74.


What I don't know is how the numbers work.


For F-104s the first is the squadron, and the two others are a sequence, the first 30 numbers being assigned only to the first squadron, the next to the second and the remaining being dual seaters.

With that scheme the only valid numbers are 101-130, 231-260, 361-399.


But for F-86Ks it seems the scheme was different, as there are references to planes with numbers like 308, 316, 354, 352, 142 etc...


Does anyone have a hint or reference source to help me ?


Just in case you're wondering, I'm trying to make numbers to slap on that :



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The first number is the squadron, with the two last being the aircraft of the wing in sequence. You are right with those "only valid numbers". But on the other hand, if an aircraft (8th aircraft delivered to that squadron) maybe moved from 1st squadron (example: JD+108) to 3rd squadron (then JD+308) the squadron number changed, but not the aircraft number.

Not sure if this is correct, but it might be the answer? :dunno:


BTW: Nice skin! :good:

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That would explain it, especially since the first Sabre Dog had to be refitted with the new wing and probably didn't always come back to the squadron they originally belonged to, thanks for the answer. :salute:


And I have no merits, it's only a repaint with a few glitches fixed (notably the cut on the right wing since the original template was for early sabres).

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