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Hello Streakeagle! :salute:


It is very funny to play with SF1/2 TK flight simulators and I would like modify and test my own FMs.


I've found your interesting A.I.D.E. tool. But how to use it? Is there a tutorial?


For exemple, yesterday I tried to edit Shahak data ini but I failed to edit it! :dntknw:


Thank you for your help...


Pierre :bye:

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Pour éditer un ini, le notepad de windows suffit


maintenant, modifier les bonnes valeurs, c'est une autre aventure!...


Bienvenue à toi

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AIDE is mainly useful as a flight model viewing tool. Unforutnately, a bug creeped into it while I was trying to keep up with TK's patches. It used to work well with multiple documents open at the same time, later it got very unstable... presumably a memory leak. I intended to make a new version from the ground up to overcome some limitations of the original design and add a few more features. But I started traveling and working a lot of hours, then had a son enter the picture. I am just now starting to get the time and motivation to do any kind of modding/programming, but I am partially held back by the fact that I spend all day at work programming and/or trouble-shooting computer control and communication systems for water/waste water plants... in other words, my mind is pretty fried by the time I am picking my son up from day care.


As for a tutorial, good luck! Either you understand the numbers in TK's data ini files or you don't. My tool helps see those numbers graphically and helps reduce the amount of time you have to spend flight testing to verify the effects of edits. A couple of college semesters on aerodynamics is what it takes to get moving in the right direction (or doing a lot of independent study of books covering the same material). Essentially, AIDE in its present form is for those who already know how to do this stuff by hand using spreadsheets. The math is mostly linear algebra with a bit of trigonometry thrown in for good measure. Of course, if you are good at vector math, it is even easier. I developed and tested the equations used in AIDE with Excel and screenshots of in-game flight test data. Whenever I didn't get the result I expected, I went to TK and asked for help. Over time, several people bothered TK about many aspects of the flight model data ini files. Most of those posts are still available at the Third Wire forums. From these posts, you can learn a lot about Third Wire flight models and real-world aerodynamics in general. I bumped up one early post by Wild Elmo in the SFP1 forum as an example, but I could not find the master post that had copies of all of the other posts integrated into it.

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