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Problem when off setting hud display from bore sight

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I am editing an Avionics ini file to give an F-4E a HUD and modern radar. I have off set the hud data from the bore sight to make it sit lower and over top of the HUD glass in the stock F-4E cockpit. My problem is now the targeting box etc is also offset lower that the actual aircraft it is targeting. Does anyone know were in the avionics.ini file I can change the position of the targeting boxes so I can correct it?
























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Why not just use the cockpit (providing you're doing a VERY late model type), cockpit ini and avionics ini from the HAF F-4E AUP I released a coupla years ago? It uses the F-15 HUD tgas, the EJ-Kai cockpit (more glass-like) and all sorts of stuff I can't remember now....(btw, it's for 1st Gens at 08 level)


It's a whole aircraft pak, AND has Sundowner skins (don't know if those'll work in SF2 yet ... but I'm sure Ant has that well in hand, knowing his passion for Rhinos....). But transfering the cockpit/cockpit bits and the inis over should be a fairly simple job



kevin stein

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