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I don't usually post wish lists...

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... but here's a very short one.


Halberstadt Cl-2

It was the backbone of the Schlastas from late 17 through the German offensives in early 18.


Rumpler C-IV

It could easily be data.ini modded into a C-VII Rubild, the high altitude reconaissance version.


Armstrong Whitworth FK-8 The big Ack



The addition of just these three would give us near complete coverage of the major aircraft types from January of 1917 through the end of the war. I wish I had the talent to 3d model, but I don't. And I know that the 3d modellers might be somewhat leary of doing aircraft for the sim, for fear that TK will cover them in future expansions, but I don't think he's given any indication that these three are going to be covered, through what he rems out in Campaign data.ini's, or what he's said on the Thirdwire website. And I know that these may not be the most interesting modelling projects for the modders out there, but with just three aircraft I feel this sim would give us a representation of this period of the war, as far as aircraft you encounter on a mission, that can't be matched by any other WW1 flight sim. And I know this because I just updated my aircraftlist.lst and wound up with a literal blizzard of additions to that file, so my great thanks to all the 3d modders out there who've shared their time and their talents with us.



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Hiya guys...have to agree with both your posts Mike and Heck...


I looked back again at my old wish list to see what we had managed to build and fly over the last two years and we have managed to cross of quite a few important Aircraft..Thanks to all..I still have afew on there that id love to see in F.E. Gold..Not sure if anyone has the time or would like to undertake a new project but I know for sure we would all be extremely grateful for any of these aircraft..


My Current wish list of main Aircraft Omissions to date that id love to see in game are:


A Bleriot X1

A Taube

A Caudron

A Voisin

A reworked Airship

A Vickers Vimy

Vickers FB 5 Gunbus

Any Russian Aircraft

Lohner C.1

Rumpler C.I.

De Havilland D.H.5

Vickers F.B.12



Early War Aircraft is what the game needs more of, that and some more German Two Seater Aircraft/Bombers..with some New Terrains we can inject even more life into this Brilliant game...


Wishing all a great week and keep flying


Rab Watson (Sockboy)


















Just one more, very serious omission Heck..



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