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Ltn. Wolff of Jasta 5

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I'm trying to do this one finally. PITA!. It's almost imposible to get the diamonds to wrap around the fuselage. So much distortion at the top and bottom of the fuselage. But... It will drive me crazy if I dont try and get it right. So here are some pics of Ltn. Wolff's D.V of Jasta 5. I think this is the plane sirafe was asking about. This is a WIP. So it still has distortion on the upper and lower fuselage. But when it's done it will work great with Saltfiskur's Jasta5 Albatros skins. What ever happened to that guy???



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OK since you bought it u p.


I did these a long time ago but didn't post them yet.


I was in hospital for a while and just forgot about a lot of these things.


Grab em at the DL.

post-6006-011007600 1276127449.jpg

post-6006-090045100 1276127449.jpg

post-6006-094517900 1276127450.jpg

post-6006-096627800 1276127451.jpg

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