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Hello all,


I would like to know how to get EAW on my computer. The computer is an HP Pavilion with XP operating system, ver. 2002, service pack 3. Hardware includes--Intel Viiv 930 Pentium D processor w/ 2 processing cores, 2 gigs memory, & NVIDIA GeForce 7300LE graphics card. It's about 3yrs old. I use a Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar w/ Thrustmaster Elite Rudder Pedals. I have the original EAW CD, last played on a Pentium II Gateway w/ Win 98. I've noticed the resurgence of intrest & updates for EAW and would like fly my second favorite combat sim. ( first is Stirke Eagle III)


Thanks in advance for any & all help/inputs/suggestions



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Hi Hotrod,


well the good news is ... EAW will run fine on your setup as far as I can see. You can either install from the disk or just copy all the files over to a folder directly, EAW doesnt need to be installed to the registry to work, so the general order would be to install/copy your base cd, then add the 1.2 upgrade (on the disk) to get the baseline official eaw install, then make a copy of this folder and keep the original 'clean' in case of mess-ups. Base 1.2 EAW will not recognise two controllers so you would need to make your stick the first controller on your windows controller list and use just that for base 1.2 I am afraid



If you want to fly the recent 1.28 series of updated exe's which will support multiple controllers along with a host of new features, then you need to go to Sandbaggers site to get the auto-installers for 1.28c and 1.28d and 'soon to arrive' 1.28e. The easiest way to find what you want is to go to the sandbagger link over at the simHQ EAW page. Simply drop the self installer exe into your eaw folder and run it to upgrade. Just to clarify the 1.28c/d issue was to do with screen sizes, the 1.28c exe uses 640x480 screens as in the original, but some card/driver combo's wont support that resolution so we have upgraded all the screens in the 1.28d package to 1032x768 to help.


If you have problems after installing with your card/drivers giving scrambled screens or maps then you can try using the d3dwindower program which solves those problems for me with a Geforce 7600 card. The windower program is available here :




dont worry if your antivirus doesnt like it it is clean but some of its actions upset antivirus software, like diverting output from programs into a window environment (Mr Jelly has had it checked out by the AV people themselves and they have cleared it).


If you have any problems just shout and we can work them out for you either here or at simHQ








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