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  1. YES!! We DO NEED term limits for ALL politicians AND fresh ideas to get us moving foward!
  2. F-22A chases off Iranian F-4s

    That's what I miss! Was deployed to Al Dhafra AB in '07...lovely place
  3. CombatACE New Theme Music

    about that theme song, uhhhmmmm........................................................................................................................................................................................
  4. Ok, thanks Wrench, I'll give it a try.
  5. You know in the southern states...

    C2Aaircrew-PRICELESS! You are absolutly right about Alabama State Trooper!!
  6. Hi folks, Currently flying WoE NF4, I want to change the white flight helmets for the F-4C & E models, I noticed there are no F-4C/E_DATA config file in that a/c's folder. If I copy/paste the F-4C/E_DATA config file from (say my WoV Oct_08), will that work (hopfully without messing anything up) so I'll be able to change the flight helmets to a more subdued color. Just wanted to get the communities thoughts before I did this. Not sure if this has been asked already, nothing came up in the search bar. Thanks HR
  7. Traitor?.. or Defender of Civil Liberties?

    He IS A TRAITOR! Dave is right, I pledged not to devulge ANY CLASSIFIED information when talking/emailing on a government phone/computer. Hell I couldn't tell my family WHEN I was coming home after my deployment! I guess military members active & retired (except for bradley manning) take it seriously. I bet you the minute another attack hits Americans at home or abroad, People (Congress & Senate) will be sreaming why did'nt we prevent it!
  8. 5,000,000

    Thanks for all your hard work Greatly appreciated!
  9. YAP mission set 10 is out, came around Christmas time 2011, check the website MigBuster gave. They're in the process of upgrading YAP to YAP3 (compatible with Oct08 patch for WOV), so you should be able to get it. Just keep checking their facebook page. HR
  10. Thanks KRFRGE, now should I worry about the rest? (it would be nice to have all the pieces) Or just do some ini editing to make what I do have work?
  11. Hey Folks, trying to locate the following items for Cuba Campaign, A/C...B-767 E-767 SU-35 Armor... Leopard2A4 Leopard1A4 M1 M1A1 I checked here at CA and Skunworks, no luck, anyone know where else I can find these? Thanks, HR
  12. 1. I installed a clean SFP1, patched to 8.30.06 (did not think this would work with Oct08 patch.) 2. Then, Korean Air War (1950-1953) ALL INCLUSIVE Mod for SFP1 SP3 Version 1.1 by Edward 3. Korean Air War Mod Terrain and Campaign Update by Edward 4. Korea Campaign and Ground object by Malibu43 I followed each readme to the letter, so whatever was already included in each add-on is what I used. No, I DID NOT know you can use SF2 KAW terrain in 1stGens!
  13. Yes, I have a clean version SFP1 (this is the config ini) [Terrain] TerrainFullName=Desert (Fictional) DataFile=desert_data.ini TargetFile=desert_targets.ini TargetTypeFile=desert_types.ini NationsFile=desert_nations.ini BriefingText=desert_briefing.ini [Map] FilenameFormat=PlanningMap%d.bmp Width=1000000.0 Height=1000000.0 NumZoomLevels=2 ;NumZoomLevels=3 Then there is a Desert file (Security Catalog) Can't access this one. If your referring to the korea airfield config setting files? I've included them in a zip file. They are named korea_AIRFIELD1-6 korea_AIRFIELD.zip I've check each file and there is no actual airfield name (like Kimpo K-14 or Suwon (K-13)
  14. Here it is; [Terrain] TerrainFullName=Korea DataFile=korea_data.INI TargetFile=korea_targets.INI TargetTypeFile=korea_types.INI MovementFile=korea_movement.INI NationsFile=korea_nations.INI BriefingText=korea_briefing.INI DogfightFile=korea_dogfight.INI DogfightOnly=FALSE CatFile=..\Desert\Desert.cat ----------------Should there be more like in SF2 Korea? (would putting the // solve this? Do I need the Germany & Vietnam terrain catfiles?) [Map] FilenameFormat=PlanningMap%d.bmp Width=1000000.0 Height=1000000.0 NumZoomLevels=3

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