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Anyone here ever read Iron Men with Wooden Wings?

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Yes Bruce, I read it once way back in the late 1960's shortly after it came out. Fun little bit of historically based fiction as I recall. If you don't already have one and would like to get a start on your own WWI electronic library, here is a link to a zip download I put together some time back:


WWI Books Download Link



This download contains the following titles:


Biogrophies, Diaries, Personal Writings


“A Flying Fighter”, by E.M. Roberts, c.1918


”A Happy Warrior”, the letters of William M. Russel, c.1918


”Above the Battle”, by Vivian Drake, c.1918


“Air Men O'War”, by Boyd Cable, c.1918


”An Aviator’s Field Book”, the field notes of Oswald Bolcke, English Edition c.1917


”Cavalry of the Clouds”, by Alan Bott, c.1918


”En l'air!”, by Bert Hall, c.1918


”Fighting the Flying Circus”, by Eddie Rickenbacker, c.1919


”Flying For France”, by James R. McConnell, c.1917


”Go Get 'Em!”, by William Wellman, c.1918


”Green Balls: The Adventures Of a Night-Bomber”, by Paul Bewsher, c.1919


”High Adventure”, by James Norman Hall, c.1918


”Night Bombing With the Bedouins”, by Robert H. Reece, c.1919


”The Flying Poilu”, by Marcel Nadaud, c.1918


“The Red Battle Flyer”, by Manfred von Richthofen, English Edition c.1918


”The Way of the Eagle”, by Charles J. Biddle, c.1919


”Winged Warfare”, by William A. Bishop, c.1918





“Aircraft Mechanics Handbook”, c.1918


”Heroes Of Aviation”, by Laurence La Tourette Driggs, c.1918


”How To Fly”, by A. Frederick Collins, c.1918


“Learning To Fly in the U.S. Army”, by E.N. Fales, c.1917


“Practical Flying”, by W.G. McMinnies, c.1918


“The Aero Manual”, c.1909


“The German Air Force in the Great War”, by Georg Paul Neumann, c.1920


”The Romance Of Aircraft”, by Laurence Smith, c.1919



Also, be sure and jump over to the thread uncleal started last year:


They're On The Internet And They're Free










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Never read that one but was just going to post an offer. I just finished Sagitarrius Rising by Cecil Lewis. Anyone in the USA (sorry you fellows across the sea) have a a book to trade? I love a good fiction based on at least some facts and have read a quite a few but there must be something I haven't read. Wew could just do an exchange. My book is paperback and all I would ask is that the book you send me wouldn't have pages falling out as it opens. So will wait to here either here or a PM. I won't be checking back on for a while but will take the first offer of a book that sounds interesting that Ii haven't read. Remember, I prefer fiction and not interested at all in the non fiction unless it has a LOT OF FLYING.. Thanks

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