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  1. Its been a long time once again and my thoughts turned to the old group. Spent the last hour reading some of the posts and especially was grand to see places and houses where many of you live. I don't have a photo on hand of my place but I live in a rural area much like RAF Louvert- about 170 miles to the north and west of him. But it got me thinking about a flight I took two summers ago. A barnstormers tour was in the area and for a reasonable price was able to go up in the air in two different aircraft for about 20 minutes in each. One was called a New Standard and the other was the Travel Air that is pictured. a real fine ride. Well, maybe i'll see you around some time. I do a little flying in another arena in a WW2 aircraft but most of my time is spent with my artwork. Hope i can still remember how to post pictures. The best to all of you. Ras
  2. Hello Again

    Lou, do give a call when you know you are going to be in the area. Gone sometimes on a little fishing or camping trip- sometimes a bit to West Fargo to see grandchildren , Still home more than away. PS. The barnstormer tour is in Fargo, ND on August 9, 10, and 11. And if you or anyone else passes through Fargo they have a wonderful air museum. Mostly WW2 birds though
  3. A few of you might remember me. Looks like there are a lot of new faces around here and that is a darn good thing. Might just have to get up in the skies again but it will be like learning all over again. Haven't been flying much of anything in the last few months and that was my problem. Between OFF and a little FSX and then DCS-A-10 and then the dreaded WW2 sim (heck i can't even remember the name right now) I have less time in the air than sex. And at my age, that is a hell of a statement!!! So, just wanted to say hello. Maybe when the weather turns nasty i can once again get up in the air and bend those wings a little bit. The best to all of you
  4. Thanks all. Olham, you must give the painting a try. I have been practicing with some colored pencils (a bit more expensive than one can find in a regular store) but not out of reach with the pocket book. A great thing to try also. Lou, with your travels that I believe you must make to North Dakota if I remember correctly, there might be times you are not far from Detroit Lakes. It would be a joy to meet you. I'll buy lunch. No regular studio but I have a shop, and other areas where I have my projects ongoing. I would love to show them to you. Do PM me for my email and phone #. I may have given you my phone at one time, but now I am not sure. I am around often, who knows, maybe we can get together
  5. Wow, so many greetings and great they are to get. I'll try and catch up with the forum and take a good look at P4. I had looked at some of the first screenshots when they came out months ago. Once my weather turns colder, it keeps me i the house and will get to spend some time flying. I really look forward to get some time in the air, but real life and some art work has given me another almost obsession. See, i always liked the outdoors and making fish carvings and such. Now I am into painting many different kinds of ducks, fish, songbirds and etc on wood and trying to make some additional income in doing that. So its been a real crazy thing. Its always good to share interests and we've got fisheremen, firemen, remote controlled aircraft fans and etc and etc. So I hope you do mind me showing you some work. It is not mean to try and sell, just an easy way to see some of my work that I am proud of. So check out what old Ras has been doing and I'll be around. http://www.etsy.com/shop/BirdAndFishArtOnWood?ref=si_shop
  6. I've been missing here for quite a few months because of other things going on, but what a great thing to see. What an achievement. The tone of your voice, the way you presented it was an art form in itself. Greetings to all my old friends. I'll come back sometime, but right now have been pursuing some oil paintings of fish and wildlife on wood. Haven't been in the "sky" in any kind of sim but a couple of times in the last couple of months. Once again, best wishes to all
  7. My 4000th Post!

    Thanks sir, appreciate your words , the best to all of you fellows. I'll be back sometime later
  8. My 4000th Post!

    Congratulations Lou. I still come by here periodically to peek around. Hope all are fine, an upcoming possible back surgery here for me, so haven't been at computer much in the last months. Maybe back for P-4. All my best. Ras
  9. Most popular Movie theme

    I'll just put down one for now and that was "The Natural' with Robert Redford. A real feel good movie.. and if you were a young boy and dreamt of being a baseball player when you grew up, this is what you would have wanted. Creaghorn, if I remember you are a ball player. If you haven't seen it, you must... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54-6yimtjtA
  10. Now your talking. My #1 song. Kind of like you original post, Olham. I was in the Air Force in Texas and was dancing with this beaituful Austrian girl. Her father was going thru some kind of flight training at a nearby base. I was in love during that a subsequent dances with her, or so I thought. And the dance did take place on a Sunday afternoon to top it off. I still don't know how to embed the You Tube, so you'll have to click on it. The Young Rascals, Groovn on a Sunday Afternoon
  11. Fateful Morn

    That really is wonderful looking
  12. I too just received my rudder pedals and tried them out today. I didn't download anything, just hooked them up and they worked fine. I might need a little "tweaking". But I found this post (not sure who did it) some weeks ago when i knew i was getting the pedals and saved it. It might help. It said: I use Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals with a Saitek X52 flight controller, and the only "modification" I had to perform was to remove the "toe brake" function. I can perform flat yaw turns. If you DID just add them by plugging them in, perhaps you do need to install the software. Perhaps it is the joystick... Did you remove the "toe brake" function of the rudder pedals? They do have an aileron "connection" and need to be disabled. Start in Quick Combat with a rear view of your aircraft and without starting your engine, operate your rudders and APPLY YOUR TOE BRAKES. Observe movement of your rudder, elevators and ailerons. Does operating your toe brake cause ailerons and elevator to operate? I think that might be your problem. Pause > drop down menu > Controls > then select the drop down menu under Saitek x-52 FCS joystick. That gives you the Saitek rudder pedals control system. Then, to make it easier, select the "control surfaces" drop down menu...that limits the number of choices available. You'll see there's a choice "x axis", a "y axis", and (I think) "rudder axis". You delete the x axis and the y axis and then save that profile as "Mine" and voila! No toe brake function. (BTW you don't need toe brakes in this sim. There are no brakes on WW1 aircraft. You have to cut your engine off).
  13. Hey fellows, I feel like a traitor, not being around but have still been getting a little flight time in OFF and looking forward to P-4 and IL Cliffs of Dover. In the meantime, I have been with the DCS A-10 since the first beta was released and for any of you that like realism and more realism- this is a treat as exciting as OFF. Here is a short video, just one of many to view. The only drawback might be that there is no dynamic campaign, though the user made missions and regular type campaign are great and many. I'm not into the multiplayer scene but it is really gathering a following also. I 've always loved the A-10 because it is not your "fast mover" and with that powerful cannon and the realism of the model, it is really amazing.
  14. A new year..A new Beginning

    Thank you Simon. That is one of the nicest things said about my work that i've heard.
  15. A new year..A new Beginning

    Best of luck Widow in your new employment when it comes. You can always look forward to retirement and gettin old bones and knowing you might have to go back to work on a part time or full time basis. I've done it both ways and never have been able to get caught up in the last 10 years. THe 90's were great, just wish I/all of us would have invested our money wisely. Some have, some didn't. I guess i was of the latter group. As long as we have food on the table and good health, there is something good ahead. Best wishes. Ras
  16. I am still in the skies. You just don't see me:bye: For you new members, this was wonderfully done by RAF Louvert. I also have a couple of beautiful skins from Widowmaker. Clear Skies
  17. Lou, I finally got caught up with my reading and have to just say its better than the book I am reading at the present time. Thanks for providing some fine entertainment.
  18. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All.
  19. Thoughts on Gaming

    Ive been gone most of the last couple of months and been heavily involved in single player of the DCS /A-10. Yeah, Ii know. Its a jet and I should have my fingers slapped. But that sim is so realistic it is unbelivable. And would dearly love to get involved in multiplayer. But from what I have heard regarding that sim; ROF; and the first person shooters, is that you have a bunch of "kids" out there unless you can find a group that is of your similar tastes, which is often a mature person. And I don't think too many are mature until they have some real life experiences and tragedies. I've heard of the Boys of 60 and etc and always meant to give it a try. I tried MP before the HITR came out and could never connect at all. ANyhow hope all is well. I did do some OFF flying the other day just to keep from getting too rusty. Best to all of you
  20. Is this the best Forum ever?

    Well said. I have not been around hardly at all during the last month, as I got involved with another sim/forum (not a WW1) and it has quite a few members. What I find over "there" is a lot of immaturity and arrogance. Granted, it has many, many members as compared to this forum, but this is heaven compared to the "other" place.
  21. Show OFF your Desktop

    The "Wild Bunch", eyh? The left and right daughters still look very Scandinavian to me - they might as well be Swedish. Thank you for sharing. They have German, Danish and Swedish. Their mother is 100% German and they get a little of that from me and the rest. Hard to put something else on the desktop, but my screensaver is loaded with airplane pictures
  22. Show OFF your Desktop

    This is my family. Three daughters and their husbands. 3 grandchildren with another on the way in December. Of course I am the oldest one with the white whiskers. Edit, Okay, I messed up a little but I do have this picture on my desktop. I took it right from a picture folder of course. But you get the idea
  23. Forgive me, Father

    I've enjoyed that book also. Ii am another that has only flown once in the last 4-5 weeks. A fishing trip (Yes, Simon, it was very good); a week of being sick where I could hardly sit at the computer and then (I almost hate to admit it) a fantastic combat flight sim with the A-10 Warthog by DCS (I think they are formerly Eagle Dynamics). There are a few posts about it in another forum on ths web site. Very cool, very intense with lots of study involved. But me days of feeling the fresh wind on my face are soon here.
  24. Just the best reading, Lou. So good to read, wo well put together.
  25. Fantastic. Thanks for your service and for sharing.

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