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SF2:War For Israel Campaign Mod Update V1.02F

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SF2:War For Israel Campaign Mod Update V1.02F

2010 July 12




Update for SF2:War For Israel (World Against Israel) Campaign Mod.






V1.0F update

You do not need this if you Downloaded the v1.0F

War For Israel Campaign file.



Fixed the Mig-21MF Skin Directory name.

Fixed some weapons so that FireEffect shows up in

new version of SF2 series.


Changed Mig-29C Syrian skin for EricJ's "Syrian

MiG-29C Desert Splinter skin" to reflect campaign

region. Nice Skin.


Updated the TextureSet.ini for the German Mig-29C.

And Changed the Pilot in the MIG-29C_DATA.ini.


Changed The F-15D data ini Nation to ISRAEL. I know

these would be F-15I's but it's too long to Explain.


Steam and wake effects for Carriers should work.



This is a cumulative patch with 1.0b integrated.

Added the Squadronlist to the PilotData dir as required.

Added Groundobjects not showing up.

Added effects to *data.ini's for aircraft.

Added and replaced some aircraft skins.

Added Flyable Israeli-U.S. F-16A Netz USAF 2nd Eagle Squadron to Campaign.

This was already in the campaign, but not flyable before.

Tweaked enemy squadron count a little but still a busy Campaign.

Fixed F-16I Sufa NoJettisionTank so external Tanks eject.

Added missing Mig-21 engine sounds.

Several F-15 fixes.

Several A-10A fixes.



Some Fixes and updates to the newer SF2 June 2010 Third Wire Patch.

Added The F-22 in by request.

Added MarcFighters Mi-8 which was orignally planned. Flyable but Suicide.

Added Syrian, Egyptian and New World Order Flyable Campaign Careers.

Added new Screens and Loadout Files.

Added HAWK's defence to Israel.

Added Grizzly's to Arab and Egyptian Forces.

Included updated GROUNDOBJECTLIST.LST to the the GroundObjects Folder.

Other Carriers Aircraft should work fine even if you're Land Based.

Changed all Hangar Screens to JPG format. You can Delete the old BMP's.

Changed Loadout images all to TGA's, can del old Loadout.BMP's

Other minor additions.



Fixed Radar Cross Sections.

Fixed a couple Screens not showing.

Added Fuselage Vortex effects to some more Aircraft.

Updated F-15's FlightData's to FastCargo's Release.

Adjusted Engine Power to F-35's.






Install The Original SF2:War For Israel according to the ReadMe which is all


that's Required. It's ok if you've updated to v1.01F but not required....Then


delete the "Mig-21MF" Folder and all the "F-15s" Folders in the Mod "Aircraft"


Folder. Delete all the *.bmp's in the Campaign Mod Folder if using Original


1.0 Campaign or the 1.0b update Download. Drop the Folders from the Update


into the "StrikeFighters2 WarForIsrael" Mod Directory and let it Overwrite.


Remember when you use the Third Wire patches, You will need to use a new

renamed SF2 "EXE" to "StrikeFighters2 WarForIsrael.exe". Backup the Mods

Directory files first, then move them back to the Mod Folder after running the

newly named exe then deleting the contents of the Aircraft Folder. Overwrite.

Deleting the GroundObjects is not necessary.


Also I recommend Using Stary's SF2:Israel terrain update. Awesome!

Put it in the SF2:WFI Mod Terrain\IsraelME Folder in the Mod Dir and drop my

Terrain\IsraelME\INI's in on it and Overwrite, but use his IsraelME_DATA.INI.







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Thank you for the update, Spectre8750.


I'm getting a game freeze/black screen, when exiting missions prior to rtb.

I've tried several a/c, same thing.


Any suggestions before I try a clean install?


Thank you.

Edited by TurtleHawk

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I would probably do a clean install. but make sure you're using the latest Thirdwire patch first. I've done a re-install to test the campaign files and

I've not run into that so far. That sounds like a problem that existed after the Feb patch but was fixed in the June 2010 patch.

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Here's a HotFix for The CVN-75 Carrier which is causing planes to Trampoline.


Just Drop into the Mods Dir Objects\GroundObject\CVN75 and overwrite old file.




Sorry I didn't catch this before i posted the Update.





Edited by Spectre8750

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The Brimstones on the Typhoon are facing backwards.

I tried the Brimstone Fix from the KB, no joy.

I tried installing Brimstones from Gunny's WP, still no go.

Can't think of anything else to try.

Anyone got any tips?


The Typhoon I have in other installations doen't have this problem.



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Thanks, Spectre8750,


I'm not sure what's going on.

I think I must have a brimstone file that is wrong, as you suggest.

Even when I copy in a working file from another installation.

I know it's something in my files, I just can't nail it down.


I've tried replacing the a/c, and the weapons, but no joy, so far. Perplexing!!??


Doesn't mar the pleasure of this modern campaign, though.

Thanks for what must have been a tremendous amount of time and effort.



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Hi, I'm running a fresh June '10 install of the game with this mod and 99% of the LAU rocket pods don't work for me. I traced it back and the LAU pods are trying to fire rockets which aren't included in the mod or standard game and the Pods themselves have a ROF of 0. I've added the McGunny pack which has sorted this out but can you confirm it's just my install thats gone a bit wibble or is the mod itself?




PS The AGM-142 Popeye-C was wibble too, 0 for almost every figure!


TurtleHawk - the Brimstone3Pack launcher is the problem. The attachment "Angles" in the data.INI file are wrong, replace them with these and the missles will sit correctly









I have Brimstone in my SF1 install which is where I got these original angles from before they got messed up in the Mod.

Edited by ianh755

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