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LvR brought me an idea regarding Force Feedback

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i have read one report of LvR. there he mentioned that he chased a twoseater, killed both inmates, but the AC continued to fly straight on because of the british invention of using some rubberholders on the flightstick, so when letting it go, it adjusts itself back to normal position.

so this invention is actually what we have always, especially with FF sticks. also it's known there are AC where you can let the stick go during the flight, like the pup, and AC where you have to hold it always, otherwise it would fall to one side out of control.

so my idea is to, when flying AC where you can't let go (about every german AC) i'll drop on my stick the centering force to zero. if i let the stick go, it will fall to a side. don't know if it makes any difference in realism or flying ability, but it's worth a try. maybe it makes landing and aiming etc. tougher, as it really was, because you have to make all movements by yourself and not just releasing pressure on the stick. maybe there is no difference at all.

anybody tried something like this yet?


i'll report how it is.

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wow, what a difference,

i deactivated the centering force on my cyborge evo force. also i also reduced force feedback to about 40% (because despite not having a centering force, while flying the other forces pushed the stick back to center.)

and what happened? wow. suddenly while flying i still feel the forces and turbulences almost as before, but my stick leaves there where i put it or better, where it falls when releasing it.

also i have to "really" fly. it's a hughe difference in realism if you have to center by yourself and hold it there or not.

after landing when i realease the stick and push it forward to rest, the elevator shows downwards and stays like this, how one can often see in pictures of posing AC.


i tested it also with the camel. all of a sudden the camel is a dangerous AC for yourself, like it should be. the reason why it was considered too easy in this sim is definitely not the FM but the stick wich holdes itself in center. that's what i found out. now without centering force you have to hold it by yourself. when you release it, or move it to erratically (no stabilizing support anymore by force), you are suddenly upside down or fall into a spin. WOW. this is how it should be.


also the alb is now more manouverable than before. at least for me. before the centering force always affected the elevators and pushed it back. i thought that's a CFS thing but no, now the elevators and other controls can be fully used and it stays there. i can still feel the force (no, i'm not anakin skywalker) but it's not pushing the controls back and therefor affecting the agility.


i can only recommend to everybody who has a FF stick and who can adjust the centering force, to push it back to 0% (and mybe the other forces to max.40%) . flying these crates feel now lot more realistic!!!

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