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3rd Wire Parking Enforcement Vehicle

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3rd Wire Parking Enforcement Vehicle

3rd Wire Productions, Parking Enforcement Vehicle


= For SF/WoV/WoE/WoI and all SF2 games =


This is a modification of RussoUK's VW 'Follow Me' van into a, well, "ticket tagger".


What started out as a joke in the SF2 forums, about not having enough parked aircraft; someone had made a comment about "maybe they'd been towed away for illeagly parking", grew into this little mod.

It still uses the basic yellow/black checkerboard skin, with the addition of 'identifer placards' on the roof, front, back and sides of the vehicle. Yes, the front ID Placard IS supposed to reversed, just as one sees on other Emergency Vehicles.


The vehicle's nationality has been set to "GENERIC", so it can be used by both sides. It's GroundObjectRole has also been set to TRANSPORT, which will allow it to show up on ARMED_RECON missions. If this is unwanted, I'd reccomend changing it to RECON, in the data ini.


Fairly simple install instruction are included; with data for Terrain builders as well, on how to include them scattered around maps as sort of an 'Easter Egg'.


Have fun with it!! And remember the 3W Parking Enforcement Bureau's Mottos:

"Move It, Or Lose It"


and, BTW, the fines associated with the ticket and towing are EXPENSIVE!!! They go up with the size of the aircraft towed. Plus storage....




Kevin Stein


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Looks like there's a lot of work with the F 104's too, very expensive to move as they sit there without landing gear, so they have been there for a very looooooong time.......

And don't forget to add the costs of administration and VAT and the extra costs of working under difficult circumstances (weather clouded over or maybe a slight drizzle or temperature less than 19,25 degr. or more than 20,00000001 degr.).

And the fine can only be paid cash at mondays from 0.900h untill 09.05h with full moon and easterly wind and will be doubled if not paid within two days, and has to be paid fully dressed in uniform . Other conditions may be added randomly.

In other words: THE new job for the assholes in the unit of Serverandenforcer.........


Hou doe :qt:



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yes, there IS no landing gear on those Zippers. What you're seeing IS the Impound Yard. Those Zippers are up on block; milk crates, concrete blocks, jackstands, etc. Or, I guess the local gangs stole the tires!!



kevin stein



(actually, it's distance LOD issue on the F-104C lods)

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