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Operation Albion terrain

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Is someone interessted in a terrain for the "operation Albion"?

This was the largest sea landing operation of the german imperial fleet to conquer the islands Ösel and Dagö from the russians in october 1917.


Here two links

in german



in english


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Well I for one would love a new terrain. But.... FE lacks any ships and seaplanes. Also there are no Russian aircraft other than some Nieuports and SPAD's. The terrain would be beautiful I'm sure. If anything make a northern Italy (Venician) terrain. Or Austrian Alps. As you know thats what I've been waiting for. But that's just me:grin:

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YES! Operation Albion needs only some Russian Nieuports and Albatros DIII OAW for one German Army staffel based at Windau and one Marine Kest based on Windaus Fokker airfield and later Arensburg landfield on Oesel. Albatros W4 and Runpler seafighter exsist. The aircraft tender Santa Elena was also involved. Also Flieger Abteilung 16 with DFW C5 aircraft.

Your terrain looks very nice.

I am doing a historical research of the German Marine "Sonderverband" and its small Marine Kest led by Leutnant d.R. (M.A) Wieland. 



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