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ANOTHER MMO. Sigh. Just make a damn SP game already people!!!


I've some hopes with Evochron Mercenary. It's a space simulation with some unique game concepts. The mix of MP and SP, I think it's very unique.

I was in their forum in the other day, and someone asked for help because he was lost in space?!?! :blink: The guys told him to connect to the server and they would help him.

So it seems that you can play only in SP if you want, but if you want to explore the MP part, it will extend the gameplay in a way that I find quite unique.




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I've got no problem with a game where MP extends the experience. I also understand the appeal of MP-only games, or those that might as well be, like CoD:MW or Battlefield or TF2.


The problem is too few games that focus on the SP side are being made now that aren't RPGs. Even there, the one RPG I WANT to see, KOTOR 3, is instead being made an MMO. :blink:

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