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D.H 100 Cockpit For Pasko's "De Havilland Vampire FB.5" SFP1 WOV/WOE Patched 10/08




This is a mod of Wolf257's F4U-1 CockPit for use as a Vampire D.H 100 cockpit, I retextured Some of the gages and reworked the cockpit.ini for use in a jet,Recalibrated the engine and fuel gages. Although not 100% correct (till someone models one) It has a nice fit and a post WWII early Jet look.



Orginal F4U-1Pit: Wolf257

Vampire FB.5: Pasko, Gramps and column5


Tested with WOV/WOE Patched 10/8


Special Thanks to Wolf257 for allowing Me to upload his F4U-1Pit.lod with this mod.


Orignal Vampire Readme included.


This Mod is Freeware and not be sold!

For Installation Instructions see included Readme.


Have fun!






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the modded Spit pit I did a coupla years back actually has the correct canopy framing (and the correct Mk.III gunsight). It's in the "what if.." ww2 vampaire mk3 mod, and should be in the Venom update pack. THey're way in the back/middle someplace, so you'll have to dig for them



kevin stein

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