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server keeps resetting

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Hi, I kept getting thismessage yesterday and today. Coonection with server has been reset while downloading. it keeps doing this and I cant download anything. if I do download, it is corrupted. Is there a fix for this? I am allowed 30 downloads per day according to the guidelines. Thx.

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You have to love Internet Explorer and it's error messages. You'd almost think the "server" was having problems based on that message, would you? The server is fine.


Our logs indicate you are running Internet Explorer 8 and I also see you have the download manager for IE8 installed and running. Here's what I would advise.


-- To test this before you get into a bunch of trouble shooting download and install a new browser specifically I'd recommend FireFox. Then try downloading your file.


If the test works for you and you want to diagnose and continue to use IE then you'll need to fix these issues.


A) Remove or disable the download manager for IE8 (usually in add-ons)

B) Resolve the TTL restriction on your machine. This can be in a browser setting or in a setting of a Internet Suite or Firewall like McAfee or Norton. A browser connection to a website normally only lasts in short bursts as you request and receive information. During a download the receive part (especially for larger files) takes longer. Either your browser or your Internet Suite can consider this a security risk and close those connections that WAIT over a specific time. I suspect this is what is happening.


You request a file >> We receive the request and open a download window for transfer (your browser goes into WAIT) >> You start receiving the file and your TTL expires which closes the connection.


Now that I detail this I'd look at your security software first or firewall.


That's all I can come up with based on what you've shared. Be sure to let me know your fix.

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