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Impaired Nascar

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I don't mean to be blunt, but WTH is Nascar thinkin?


They change the rules and reset the points with 10 races to go. The Top 10...or anyone within 400 points of the leader get to chase for the Nextel Cup. But...lets take a look at the current standings:


1 Jimmie Johnson 3040 Leader

2 Jeff Gordon 2808 -267

3 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 2773 -267

4 Matt Kenseth 2623 -417

5 Tony Stewart 2606 -434

6 Elliott Sadler 2504 -536

7 Kurt Busch 2481 -559

8 Ryan Newman 2472 -568

9 Bobby Labonte 2466 -574

10 Kevin Harvick 2420 -620


Nascar put a 400 point cap on the eligibilty for the championship...little did they know that only the top 3 current drivers would be in the league. Should the rulez be changed? All this for ratings...damn...

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Not certain, but the way I understand it, is this.


The top 10 will have their points reset and the run for the championship will commence with 10 races left in the season. The 400 pt rule would only come into play if there is a tight race going on and would only be used to allow more drivers into the chase. Such as say the top 15 drivers were within 400 pts of the leader with these ten races to go then all 15 drivers would be eligible for the run.


Personally I think the old way of doing was doin just fine. There are alot of different senarios that could play out. Imagine wrecking twice in the last two races or so and having it been somebody outside of the race for the championship that wrecked ya. With basically only the top drivers actually accumulating points that count, don't make anybody outside of the group of drivers mad..... ;)


This green white and checkers deal is another problem now. Guess that will take the fuel mileage out of the bidding for wins. If your gambling on being able to make it x number of miles, what happens if a wreck occurs with a couple of laps to go and boom x now becomes 2 to 4 miles further. :unsure:

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That's my point....


if Nascar feels that a 400 point spread is a close race under the points system, that's fine with me.....


Now...lets look at how many Drivers are within 400 points... It's only 3: Johnson, Gordon, and Earnhard...(who will probably loose the lead to Kenseth.


However, the top 10 drivers will be allowed to compete...meaning that: "We don't care what you do the first 26 races...as longs as your in the top 10 at the end of the year....


That's like the NFL saying that only points in the 4th quarter count towards the win...stupid...just plain stupid.




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