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Binary Code Chit Chat

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So I stumbled across this website that converts text into binary code


http://www.roubaixinteractive.com/Pl...ry_To_Text.asp (NO DOWNLOADING AND ITS FREE)


Just type your text in the "text to encode box" then hit the "to binary" button and presto! You see your message in binary code! Now keep in mind that you can only type or decode a certain amount of characters in either box. So if you have a really long statement you may want to consider breaking it up into segments.


You might be suprised to see how tiny sentances or words get really stretched out in binary code.


So, ready for some binary code chit chat? About games, movies, books, about whatever you want to talk about or you can just type whatever and see what it'll look like in binary code. Doesn't matter to me really...as long as you're having fun. :grin:


About games

01001001001000000110101001110101011100110111010000 10000001100010011011110111010101100111011010000111 01000010000001000110011000010110110001101100011011 11011101010111010000100000001100110010000000101110 00101110001011100010000001110100011010000110010100 10000001000111011000010110110101100101001000000110 11110110011000100000010110010110010101100001011100 10001000000110010101100100011010010111010001101001 01101111011011100010000001100001011011100110010000 10000001001001001000000110110001101001011010110110 01010010000001101001011101000010000100001101000010 100000110100001010


About Movies

01001001001000000111001001100101011000110110010101 10111001110100011011000111100100100000011100000111 01010111001001100011011010000110000101110011011001 01011001000010000001000100011000010111010001100101 00100000010011100110100101100111011010000111010000 10000001100001011011100110010000100000010010110110 10010110001101101011001000000100000101110011011100 11001000000010111000101110001011100010000001001001 00100000011011000110100101101011011001010010000001 11010001101000011001010110110100100000011000100110 11110111010001101000001000000010111000101110001011 10001000000110100001101111011100000110100101101110 01100111001000000110011001101111011100100010000001 10000100100000010010110110100101100011011010110010 00000100000101110011011100110010000001110100011101 1101101111001000000011101000101001


Just Playin' around with the binary code Converter





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