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Russia to sell Mi-17 helicopters to Argentina

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Russia to sell Mi-17 helicopters to Argentina


RIA Novosti. Alexei Kudenko


Russia has signed a "historic" contract on Mi-17 helicopter deliveries to Argentina, a member of a Russian delegation said on Wednesday.


"The contract provides for the delivery of two Mi-17 helicopters to the Argentinean Air Force," the official said, adding that the contract was signed on Tuesday evening.


The sale is the first time the Argentinean military has bought Russian military hardware, he said.


"Until now there has been no military-technical cooperation between Russia and Argentina," he said.


Vyacheslav Davidenko, spokesman for Russian state arms exporter Rosoboronexport, confirmed the contract.


MOSCOW, September 1



RIA Novosti

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It is a very good news.

Today it was confirmed that there are 5 helicopters,

It is something historic for our country.

Buying something from the Russians.

Although these were bought solely for use in Antarctica, for their toughness in the cold.

The Sea King, had problems for local climatic conditions.

I live in Rio Gallegos.

one of the three last town before Antarctica



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I hope they can get a carrier someday. The 25th has been scrapped and the amphibious one would be a goofd fit, ie Mistral class to replace her. She wouldnt have to share her planes with brazil's carrier anymore. Just need the funds.

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Argentina currently has no money problems.

The economy is growing everyday.

After the Malvinas War, OTAN, we put some constraints for the development of weapons and dismantled all our projects.

Currently the government is advocated at a 3-stage plan.

This plan is for the ream of our armed forces and bring life back to the national weapons factories.

The second stage will be in 2012. Where will be built locally a strategic projection ship. Besides giving new Falcons, our air force.

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