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You Have GOT to get this Magazine Issue!

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The title says it.. I just got mine today after ordering it over a month ago.. must have come on a slow boat.... but it was worth the wait.


This issue on WWI fighting planes is just amazing. Thier website addy for Issue #4 Knights of the Sky


sorry everyone, I can't seem to paste the full link in, but go to the main page (click here) and scroll down on the left to Issue 4







The contents:



Knights of the Sky

6 Introduction

8 Founding the Royal Flying Corps

12 ‘Day One’ of the RAF

18 For Valour

20 ‘King of the Air Fighters’

24 Sopwith Camel cockpit

25 Sopwith works

26 The Camels that came over water

30 London’s first ‘Blitz’

32 Still on the front line

34 The ‘Mount of Aces’

42 The ‘Red Baron’

46 ‘Flying Circus’ Triplanes

50 Absolute authenticity

52 ‘Hun chivalry’

54 Albatros D.Va sepia photograph

56 America’s ‘Ace of Aces’

60 ‘Biff’

62 Flying with Daedalus

66 First to France

video.jpg70 Innovation on the Western Front

74 The gods above must be crazy…

82 Nottingham’s aerial warrior

88 The infancy of American air power

96 Britain’s first aerial defenders

98 First Zeppelin raid on the British Isles

102 Battle for the Suez Canal

110 Shuttleworth’s World War One ‘squadron’

114 Short Admiralty Type 184

116 ‘Bloody Paralyser’ Type Os

118 ‘Fee’

120 ‘Father of the RAF’

124 Deadly Albatros

128 Albatros D.Va cutaway

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Cool find, Rabu!


How much for ordering from the states?


I look forward to hearing your review of the article.


With postage it was around $15.. expensive, but worth every penny. I ordered it back in mid June and just got it yesterday. When I didn't get it by mid August I emailed them and they immediately emailed me back and sent another one... apparently the first one got stolen by some WWI fenatic working in a post office.. no doubt!

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Rabu- Magazine issue aside.....your "new" sig logo is just terrific! IMHO





Thanks, CP, I just embeleshed an old engraving that I liked. I think it was an ad for one of the early aerial photographers.

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Guest British_eh

Thanks rabu,

I have joined Cross and Cockade, and they too have a wonderful magazine if you're interested.



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