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  1. Shiloh Thanks for that post..did do some google research and have a handle on what I need to do. Would have done that sooner, except I thought you could just over clock by going to to system setting tab or something like that..these are ares I just never wandered into ;>) Anyway as soon as I find the key that opens the BIOS on load up I am going to tweak it and see what the difference is..Delete doesn't seem to do it; not F12 either..anyway Thanks again, Royce
  2. WOFF overpriced. Is it just me?

    Thanks for that information Corsair
  3. Well..I am / was ready to go out and totally upgrade my system for WOOF use. Particularly after I read the specs suggestions from the Devs pre-ordering. However after tinkering around on my, I guess middle level PC, I am getting very good game play..and may be reconsidering the upgrade. I have Win XP 32 bit E8400 CPU(?) 2.7Gbs Nvidia 660Ti GPU Sliders on 54335 Normal on the graphics Hi Skins No sun glare I haven't tried the 10v10 dogfights in QC, but the campaigning has been fine after some testing and tweaking I also "stumbled" into tweaking the settings on my PC settings tabs to performance and increasing the (i don't know) spare ram on the hard drive from 2046 to 4000. After I did those PC changes, WOOF seemed to perform better in general on my PC setup. How do I Overclock the CPU? I have Nvidia Inspector and control panel. I see where to OC but I am not sure what to change the settings to? Hope this helps any others who may have mid to lower end systems and was thinking that WOOF would be unplayable. Seems there is a fair amount of flexibility in the sim. Regards, Royce
  4. WOFF overpriced. Is it just me?

    Well, I'll jump in and add my quick thoughts also. WOFF is worth every single penny of the $60.00 US; IMHO. While OFF was excellent..the AI (alone) in WOFF and the many other features, are benchmark WW1 SP Campaign flying! To Corsair's posts..I recall flying in dedicated online RB3 squads years ago; with all the silliness of MP out and all of the serious of real online play remaining. It was extremely realistic and role play exciting. If RoF comes close to that, then you've got something there I would guess. Out of curiosity..does one need Trackir and the voice communications apparatus for that MP flying?
  5. WOFF Website is up!

    Olham- Looks like I may be in the same position as well. Hope It will work on XP OS.
  6. For Olham: A Glimpse at RB3D

    Capt S- Well it seems you woke the forum up with that "flight down memory lane". Like Louvert and others..the hundreds and hundreds of hours flying RB..tweaking FM's..and enjoying the dozens of flame wars that erupted on the forum! ;>)
  7. Who knows this Sea Plane?

    could that be a Brandenburg W12 ?
  8. From above post >> Matt's musical score is awesome..I am sure I saw Matt Milne's name credited in the scoring of the fabulous "Downton Abbey" TV series!!! << Well it seems that one of the main character actors in the "Downton Abbey" series is named Matt Milne..so perhaps this is not the same person that does the terrific scoring for OFF; or perhaps it is.
  9. Awaiting the re-birth!! This is taking longer then the Ice Age. Matt's musical score is awesome..I am sure I saw Matt Milne's name credited in the scoring of the fabulous "Downton Abbey" TV series!!! Regards, Royce
  10. Andy - Your new sound mod is fantastic..you've really created something special for OFF, IMHO Regards, Royce
  11. A Prolonged Absence

    Capt - Sorry to have read about your personal issues..but better to have found about about both sooner then later. Good to read that you've now got things sorted out. "Change of planes and assignments"..always a good start ! ;>) Regards, Royce
  12. CaptSop - Remember Karel well; his contribution to RB and his untimely passing. S!
  13. OFF Fans Please Read!

    Thanks for posting this..pleased to have been able to help out. Royce
  14. Taking Care Of One Of Our Fellow Simmers

    Thanks for posting this..pleased to have been able to help out. Royce
  15. The CFS3 Targeting Cone...

    Targeting cone in OFF...pah..leeese ;>)

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