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R/C Albatross Movie

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More and more often do I get the same UPSETTING and STUPID message from YouTube:




Now, what I'd like to know: why the heck is it possible to watch it EVERYWHERE else,

but not in Germany?!?!?!? Because we lost the war?

Or is it rather so, that we are the only ones where they still can make money with their music?

Or because we are mostly following rules so neatly, that we are easiest to rule?!?!?


I fully understand, that the music is underlying copyright protection. But if they can't protect it

everywhere else - well, then they could drop the idea in Germany as well, right? Bollocks!!!


PS/Edit: sorry, Carrick, as you may have noticed, I can't watch it. But thanks for the good intention

anyway. I'm lucky, I could watch it some time ago, before the solicitors had found it's music.

Thank you anyway.

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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Sorry, Olham. I didn't Know or failed to realize what was happening Someone else mentioned U Tube and Music copyrights ? I will see what I can find out ? On this side of the pond, there are a few videos that you can watch but no music. ( personally I can do without the noise) Maybe theres a different method to by pass the Music people. One Idea is to post to you Tube then copy ( cam corder) then post to forum. I dont know if that will work but ?

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I am like you (I think) in that I wish people would put video's on youtube without the annoying music. I generally watch video's of either WW1, WW2 aircraft, or racing video's, and nothing is more annoying than a music track smothering the sound of the engine noise.




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Yes, the engine sounds of real aircraft are better than music, although some gentle flying,

like of the Nieuport 11 I posted recently, with a suitable music can be nice.

And the sound of an R/C aircraft may not be so great?


But here's for engine sounds for you - posted it already before, but it's worth to see.

This is all computer generated aircraft, but the Rolls Royce engine sound must be real.



And this one is real - the Spitfire has a Rolls Royce Griffon engine.


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PS: ...and each engine type has it's own distinctive sound.

Here is the Daimler Benz DB 605 sound from the Bf 109 G.


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