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Guest C125


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Guest C125


File Name: MiG-23MLD_Ver.2.0_15.09.2010

File Submitter: C125

File Submitted: 15 September 2010

File Category: Soviet Union/Russian Aircraft


MiG-23MLD_Ver.2.0_15.09.2010. Readme


MiG-23MLD(C.125)-Upgrade the early version-Column 5(MiG-23MLD-22.05.2005/MiG-23ML) Upgrade-Data.ini,Loadout.ini_(C125) Upgrade-Avionics,Cockpit.ini_(Ordway)-MiG-23MLD Cockpit(HUD v.1.3)_12.08.2009. -------

Credits_Model based:



Model: Rafael , updates BPAo

Cockpit: Armourdave, Sal


Polish Camo = Gramps

Libyan Camo = Gramps

Soviet Green Camo = Phantuam

Soviet Grey = Marcello

Soviet Red/Tan Camo = Marcello


Flight Model: column5

Pilot: Pasko

Testing, etc: USAFMTL, Crab_02, Sony Tuckson


Sound by Spiloone 104

This plane required MiG-23/27 Weapons Pack. Please install it first.


http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=9693 - part1


http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=10041 - part2


To Install:


- unpack Archive in temporary folder


- copy MiG-23MLD folder to Aicraft folder.


- copy Sounds to sound folder



Plane specifications:




- Max G: 8.5


- Radar: N008 Ametist (also known like RP-23MLA-2)


- ASP-17 gunsight


- MiG-23MLD can use R-24,R-13M,R-3S,R-60,Kh-23,R-13M1 missiles, R-73 allowed, but required APU-72 Rail.


- Max Loadout 4500Kg




Click here to download this file

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Ну, теперь другое дело. Никаких проблем.


Единственное, что я не понял, зачем скины Польские и Ливийские, тк. 23-18 был на вооружении СССР, России, Украины Белоруссии, Болгарии, Анголы (2 самолета в Кот Д'Ивуар не в счет, остальным республикам СНГ если и достались то не эксплуатировались.)


Well, now an another matter. No problems.


The only thing, that I have not understood, what for Polish and Libyan skins, because. 23-18 was on service of the USSR, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Angola (2 planes in Cote D'Ivoir are not counted, to other republics CIS if have got that were not maintained.)

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Basic forum language still is English...



Da !!:good::grin:


Comrade Derk

Edited by Derk

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