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Planning Maps based on tiles...?

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Something I was thinking about with the new mission editor coming out... Is it possible to create planning maps that show the terrain as it's tiled in game instead of whatever they're showing right now?


This would be helpful when creating missions, as it would be easier to tell if your truck convoy is driving through a forest, in a river, through a building, in a city, across a field, etc...


Just a thought. It may eliminate some of the guess and check.

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For that, I think we'd need an entirely new map generator. The old SFMap dosen't even work with NextGens, so you have to generate them from a 1stGen.


SFMap that only gives the options of Desert, Temperate or Snow. However, using multiple layers, you can mix and match.


But in turth, a new one IS needed badly!



kevin stein

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