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CD Stealer

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Please take the moment to read carefully the story below as a co-op modification may effect your CD-Key permanently. Do not download any mods without being certain.




Couple days ago a mod that would allow co-op in Doom 3 was released which supposedly wasn't finnished. However after several members from PlanetDoom gave it a test, they've recently discouvered that their cd key was now listed as "Already in Use". All of what this mod seems to do is display single player maps in the map list and crashes the host whenever a player attempts to join. Obviously, from now on it is believed that this is not a mod at all but more of a cd-key stealing program, so please be aware next time about what you download.


This news was submitted by SgtEversman from FPSC, edited by me for the public and thanks to him for warning the community. Feel free to comment and discuss maturely.


Source: SgtEversman

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Coop play with the game theme would be awesome, not willing to risk my CD key though.




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Thx fates. Coop in this game would be a blast but like the Coop Mod for aliens vrs Pred 2 there will be issues. With the scripting of Aliens Vrs Pred 2 it was difficult for players to stay together.


Once a player was killed it was impossible for him to return into the game. He would repawn in a locked area. Meaning if the team took an elevator he would no longer be able to catch up.


Sometimes doors are locked an the player is stuck behind it while the team moves foward. My daughters an I used the Aliens mod alot an did have alot of fun.

It took sometime for me to figure out how to install but in the end it did work.


When your playing with a 10 year old an a 6 year old theres alot of on the spot correcting going on. With a mature group of players who know the game it would be possible Im sure.


I will take notice of this warning an make sure I know what mods Im installing. Hopefully these thugs if they are stealing keys will get caught. Theres nothing worse than spending 50 or 60 bucks for a game an having someone steal your key with key generating software or misc mods.




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