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CombatACE Facebook Winner

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CombatACE Facebook Contest Winner

Week 1 - Ivan Adamek


Meet Ivan Adamek. Ivan is our Facebook contest winner for week 1. Congratulations!




We dusted off the CombatACE Randomizer and carefully plugged it in. Using the punch card reader I input the value list from number 1 through 157. At about card 58 I swore I heard what sounded like, "Would you like to play a game?" but that is a story for another day. I finished with the cards then I stepped back just far enough to touch the [ENTER] key. You could almost feel the raw processing power as the whir of the fans started drawing power from the local grid. Behind the dull gray exterior illuminated by rows of red and amber glowing glass indicators some raw number crunching was taking place. In what seemed like an instant but was actually 13 minutes 24 seconds the all familiar egg timer "ding - fries are done" sound could be heard. I rushed to the output tray listening to the dot matrix printer churning away in a ritttta.... ritttta ..... ritttta .... zip sound of excitement. I waited. A few minutes later and as the puff of light smoke cleared there in the tray appeared the product of all the festivities. Printed in double strike fashion, the number 111 could be seen as our winner. I admit we haven't used the CA Randomizer in a while so it might be just a bit out of alignment but there's still nothing better than that crisp burning electronics smell in the morning. With the results in hand I moved on to the the CA list of fans on Facebook where we find number 111 is Ivan. So let's hear it for our Argentinian friend and winner of this weeks prize, a shiny new CA Subscription Plan courtesy of CombatACE.


Ivan drop us a message on Facebook and let us know what your username is here on CombatACE and we'll get your account upgraded.


Join us next week to see if our randomizer is working or not. Don't forget to join our Facebook page if you haven't done so already to be eligible for next weeks drawing.

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