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OFF Map Rabu & Olham - Parts 1 - 4

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OFF Map Rabu & Olham - Parts 1 - 4

This is the OFF Map as painted in parts by Rabu.

I have "glued" the parts together and placed the airfield names right besides the airfield locations in the map.

Then I divided the map into four parts, each small enough to fit on a normal letter size paper from your printer.

The four parts are "NW", "NE", "SW" and "SE".




1. Print out the four parts and let them dry. Cut them out and place them so, that they make sense.


2. Now glue the parts "NW" and "NE" together.

There is a 5 mm strip on Part "NE", appearing brighter. Put some glue on the rear right edge of Part "NW"

and glue that part onto the bright strip of Part "NE".


3. Then glue the parts "SW" and "SE" together the same way.


4. At last, glue northern half onto southern half of the map. Southern half has again that bright strip to fix northern part on to.


(God, all my life I wanted to write such an instruction!) :grin:


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